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Old people are funny

Rainbow    Dash


Me and my bro have many things in common. One of them is being raised by and around older people. Where alot of people are raised by their mother and fathers who are 30 years or older-but not exceeding 50-, me and my bro were raised by older people. For me its my grandparents and for him its his aunt and uncle.

Whenever we get together, we often share our hilarious stories about them. Here are a few:


His Uncle: *Sneezes loudly two times* Oh my~


His Uncle: *spins around in a chair*

Bro: Uh, what are you doing?

His Uncle: Nothing......*Quickly grabs a cup and hurls, making a funny noise*


*Mom and grandmom having an argument*

Grandmom: I've been making this recipe for thirty years, you add the goat cheese first.

Mom: Thats not how its done in the book

GMA: I have experience

Mom: I have a book

GMA: Aaaaaa, shuddup


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