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Still animal crossing



I go to my mailbox and it contains two letters. One from Purrl and one from the h.r.a. I got a modern wall from Purrl, and the letter from the h.r.a. was just a welcoming letter. I water some wilting flowers on my way to get coffee. Brewster says something new again! On my way to talk to sable I talk to Shrunk. I learn the emotion shyness. Sable also says something different! I get an all purple outfit and then leave. I go into tom nooks and get a purple roof for my new house expansion. I buy nothing again (there is never anything good.) I dig up another fossil and one of those singing things. I have a new resident named Bella. I say hi and then head off. I dig up a buzzoid near the ocean. I find another fossil. I check out the environment at the town hall and Phyllis says to cut some trees. I make arrangements for PeeWee to come over and we have a fun time! I head over to the town gate to check out lost items and to talk. There are two but both are pitfall seeds so I leave them alone. I talk to Dora and she gets sad :(. I end the day identifying fossils and donating them. I go to get coffee tomorrow.


Thnx for reading!


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