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More animal crossing



I come out to see that one of my flowers is wilting and that i have mail. One is from my mother and the other one is from the h.r.a.

I water my wilting flower and notice that my house has a different roof so I go inside to check it out. I move my furniture and check my map and notice I have a new resident named Chevre! I go to the museum to get a cup of coffee before starting the day. I talk to him and all he says is coo. I then head of to the able sisters to talk to sable. I dig something up near the store and it is a plinkoid thing. She remembers my name and she actually said have a good time in the store. AH I am making friends with her :D! I buy another all color suit this one in blue. I buy an axe at tom nooks store to take care of some trees. Rasher and peewee have a conversation about mariage and get sad thinking about being alone for the rest of there lives. I check the recycileing bin in the town hall for items and talk to pelly about the enviroment. NOw she says I have to add green, What do I do chop down trees or add some green!? I water 4 wilting flowers at a residents house who loves to garden. And then next door the same exact thing. I look for lost items at the gate and 2 are pitfall seeds and one is a shirt that I take. I go to talk to my new resident. She is a goat she doesn't really say anything interesting. And then I go home to my new house and get ready for tomorrow and a new cup of coffee :D.




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