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All right, this is a trend of blogs? OK then I have to do it for the true queen of fun.


1. She's fun: Pinkie will sure make you have fun while watching with her humor and singing. It's like candy for the eyes


2. She's funny: She is the most funny out of the mane six. She is constantly making well timed jokes about anything and can make them perfectly hilarious. After all, she is the element of laughter.


3. She's got a brilliant singing voice: listening to her sing i like listening to an angel sing. If you are ever sad, then her singing will fill you with glee once again.


4. She's got a great heart: She will want to make any pony happy, so she goes out of her way to be friends with anypony and make them happy. She is like the best friend you always wanted.


5. She's cartoony: Having a cartoony character in a show always livens things up, and Pinkie is not exception. With her 4th wall breaking and just doing everything cartoony, she is the perfect candidate for potential Loony Tunes character


6. She's optimistic: No matter how sad you are, she will always look at the bright side of things. Even if the mane six are scared by scary trees, she will be there to sing a song and make them all laugh.


7. She's got everything: She will always seem to pull anything out of nowhere. For example, her party cannon. She never leaves home without it. So if you were ever friends with her, she could pull out a bunch of random thing for you to use.


8. She's random: And by that, I mean her randomness can help ponies out of situations. Remember the parasprites? Yeah, that saved the town. You hear me? She SAVED PONYVILLE when none of the mane six even TWILIGHT knew how to stop them. This proves that she's a lot smarter than she seems.


9. She always has something to say: You might think her talking is annoying, but imagine if you were in a conversation and couldn't think of anything to say. Well,. Pinkie always has something to say. She is most certainly a great conversation starter.


10. She's a party animal: If your party is feeling dull and boring, call Pinkie Pie. She will certainly liven things up. She will pull out her party cannon and launch it, and it will certainly truly make the party start. I guess what that one song said is true, the party don't start till she walks in.


11. Dat poofy mane: Her mane is just beautiful and majestic to look at. You just wanna rustle it with how much hair is in there. And it certainly does look memorable.


Well here we go, here are reason why you should love the best super duper party pony.




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