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My Fursona: Lulu :3

Sugar Pea


Let me start off by saying that this was a fursona I had a while back ago, but quit out on her. Lulu, believe it or not, was my first ever fursona. I've grown fond of her, and love this fursona to death! :3


So I decided to bring her back. ^^


What I did really was redesign her and her weapons. She used to be an age regressed baby fur, who was very aggressive and will smash anybody with her Hamma. (A HUGE hammer. xD) I still kept her hybrid; a Hamcat (Hamster and a Cat Hybrid).


Don't ask~


I changed her weapon from a hammer to a giant lollipop (The Loli-Hammer), and "Bon-Bombs". It's an upgrade.

You have an idea on what the Loli-Hammer can do! What the Bon-Bombs do though, is that it stuns or/and blinds the enemy! When triggered, these bad boys release a floral pedals to blind her foe followed by a tiny shock. It doesn't always work, however.

The Loli-Hammer is her trusty friend in sticky situations. ^^'


Lulu has a girly personality, but tends to be a bit of a nervous wreck around new people. She can be rather silly, and very witty.

Lastly, her favorite foods are shrimp, sweets, and ramen at most.

This is all I really have to say about her, really. :D


I apologize if this does not sound good, and I know it doesn't. I just thought I should lay my imagination down on her. :3


Here's the little design sheet I made for her:

  • Brohoof 3


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No problem! One thing for the drawing I could say is,that her ear is way too big for her head.

Oh, that was intended. xD It also helps me balance her head and face a ton better.

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