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NaNoWriMo kicks off soon!

Pinkie D Pie



Well in only a few hours now it will be the end of Nightmare Night/Halloween and the beginning of November. For some it will be the beginning of NaNoWriMo. I have explained it before, so I shall do a short explantion.


On November 1st, quite a few people from all around the world will begin writing there 50,000 word novel, due by the end of the month. I am one of those people. That's really all to it, just write a novel in a month, at least 50,000 words.


Now I don't really know what else to say, but I guess I can tell you about my novel, as in what it will be about. My novel will be about a game, a game in the future. People are sent, took, volunteer, to participate in this game, and the winner, well I have yet to decide that yet. 8 people ranging from 15 to 21 shall be competing in one of the games. Well that's really all I have so far.


Anyways that's it for me, and good luck to any other writers out there.

-Shadow Stalker

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I'm super excited :D My novel is about a group of super-tight geeks who have to save the USA from an onslaught of wizards, robots, and zombies. It's a nerdy parody novel for kids to young adults, hehe.

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You know what? I may just try it.


A story about a crew stranded on a distant planet and being harassed by an evil force... Yeah, I love futuristic fiction. I'll give it a shot.

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