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I'm back! Again!

Skye Starlight


I know, I keep disappearing and reappearing at random, but that's just because I've been busy.


But, I'm back with a few new things.


1. avatar (if you hadn't noticed)

2. signature


3. Anxiety, which I will get into in another post. Because it's a thing that I have! I've had it for ages, it's just been diagnosed this year...

4. Slytherin. I am one. deal with it.

5. Books! Because I read some! And there's a library in walking distance, so I can read so many more! And I bought TFiOS and read that. Because I wanted to be hipster for once and read the book before I watched the movie. I still haven't seen it, but I suppose you won't be spoiling anything for me.

6. The season ended... You all know that, right? I mean, you're fans of the show, of course you know!


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