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Some brony haters are more decent people than some bronies



Wanted to say this. To maybe make you pause and meditate.


It's based on my own experiences.


There is a staunch brony hater who calls me his friend and says he respects me.

He never hurt me. ... Maybe because I don't expect much from him.


But is it wrong to expect at least a minimum amount of decency from a fan of a show like MLP that conveys certain values and is so full of inspiring beauty?


There are self-proclaimed bronies who I, without trying to exaggerate, can only describe as vile scum, fervently perverting everything the show stands for. Sometimes their amount of denial and lack of self-awareness is borderline comical.


Dan Vs. might be another show on The Hub, but when you think "brony", an image of Dan would be among the last things popping into your head, no?


I know, I should expect these things. But it's still saddening.



Feel free to comment. For more extensive discussion, you can also talk here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/101832-some-brony-haters-are-more-decent-people-than-some-bronies


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Well, I think some is the main key word here.


I disagree with the general statement that bronies are less decent people. In fact, the contrary, most of the time.


But it is true that some bronies do really disgusting things like rule 34 and shipping (oh yes, I mean it.). So do some of them, funny enough. Some of us are annoying, but I think honestly they say that out of a lack of open-mindedness.


But really, I think that anti-bronies are less decent people on these grounds:

1. Insulting people for just watching a TV show they enjoy.

2. Some of them actually really want to kill off the fandom. I know several on the internet.

3. Lastly, most are (here we go...) judgemental heterosexist hypocrites that have mental issues they need to fix.


There we are. My disagreement. I'm happy to disagree with being "vile" even though I don't do the vile things done by a good few of the fandom. But that isn't all of us. Heck, they do something even more vile. Number 4, they insult people to suicide, oftentimes.

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I've always said that the community isn't always as good as people say, and that some people aren't good members of the community. I get flak for it because people accuse me of being an "anti-brony" "hipster" "hater" and all that crap.


GG Fandom.


But yes, I do agree that some bronies aren't the "ideal" image for this community. Some people shouldn't be labeled as brony "hater" though just because they don't agree with the concept. 

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