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What if I told you that the United States is only about 50 miles away from Asia?



It's something I think about from time to time...about how the US is so far away from Asia. Let's face it. The Pacific Ocean is VAST! But here's something I didn't really think about until I was studying some maps.


The United States is technically only 50 miles away from Asia!




Now I know that Wikipedia isn't always the best source for information, but seriously...how inaccurate could the map be? Anyway, the article said that there'd be two bridges, each about 25 miles long and a third bridge would connect the Diomede Islands, but it'd be so short, it wouldn't add much distance.


So there you have it.


Russia is a part of Asia. Alaska is a part of the United States. Sure, I live a long way from Alaska. According to Google Maps, if I were to take the Alaska Highway, Anchorage is 69 hours away.


So yeah. You now know the United States and Asia are very close to one another. Geographically, of course ;)


Or maybe you knew that in the back of your head, but never thought about it.

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Russia is part of both as far as I'm concerned. Like 80% of Russia is east of the Ural Mountains, and I think a lot of people consider that to be about where the Europe/Asia border is.

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The Ural Mountains do indeed Mark the Europe/Asia line in Russia.

I can also tell you right now Russia does not need or want a bridge.

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