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Are we all born asexual?

Henny Penny Benny



Alrighty, let's try not to be obscenely offensive this time around. I don't think what I'm trying to say this time should come off as offensive, but I'm not exactly the best judge of that (clearly), so if it is, please let me know and I'll amend the post or take it down.


So I've been around this old Internet of ours a couple times, and I've had many debates with many people about sexual orientation and whatnot. And the stance I take on the issue often leads others to pose the question, "So what are you saying? Is everyone just born without any sexuality, then?" And the question has often stumped me.


I happened to see a similar conversation between others in a comment thread somewhere on the Web, and it got me thinking about the question. And you know what? I think that is what I'm saying! I don't know about y'all, but I don't know too many newborns who are terribly interested in sex. Admittedly, I can't exactly ask them about it, so that's just speculation, but let's take four-year-olds, as they're getting to the point of being able to at least express their thoughts. I don't really know any of them who talk or think about sex, either, or behave in such a way as to lead me to believe that sex is on their mind, or that they're sexually attracted to the other four-year-olds.


As sexual orientation is oft compared to handedness in terms of its innateness and whatnot, I'll use that example, too. Personally, I wasn't born better at writing or throwing a ball or punching or... well, anything with my right hand than my left. I didn't have any such skills whatsoever, with either hand. I learned them all with my right hand first, so to this day I'm better at pretty much everything with my right hand. But that's just it: it's because that's what I learned first. I may have learned with my right hand first because of some genetic inclination, or because the first ball I picked up happened to be closer to my right hand, but that's all it seems to be. I just learned things with my right hand first.


Similarly, it seems to me that people aren't born with any specific sexual orientation, but with the blueprints for sexuality in general. It's not until later that our sexual orientation actually develops in full and we find ourselves fulfilling our growing sexual appetite in certain ways rather than others. Maybe it goes one way because of some genetic predisposition, or maybe it's just because of what we were thinking about the first time we played with ourselves. Or any number of other reasons. I dunno.


So yeah, just a thought I was thinking. Don't have any scientific evidence to back it up or anything, just speculation. And I'm sure I probably got it skewed on some level. But hey, I'll never see where my ideas are wrong if I don't share them with other people!



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Technically yes because we don't really start to have those "feelings" until puberty but I think genetics plays heavily into sexual orientation.

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I know he's largely considered full of bullshit now, but Freud had a theory that people were born bisexual and mono-sexuality was a product of being socialized to force one kind of attraction or the other into dormancy.


I thought that was an interesting theory that goes to explain why both perfect 0s(straight as a board, sometimes to the extent of being actively repulsed by the same sex) and 6s(the opposite of being so gay nothing could make them feel attraction to the opposite sex) on the Kinsey Scale are both so rare.

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People are born with no preferences, sexuality as a whole is pretty much a learned behaviour that we learn about as we grow that can be influenced by enviroment as well as the effects of puberty and the genetics behind it.


Identical twins for example could develop different orientations despite being genetically the same.


Its a fact that people are more open/close minded about orientation depending on their enviroment and how accepting people around them are on the subject,. 

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I believe that we are born with an innate genetric predisposition towards one orientation or the other.  It's in there from birth, but we typically don't start to think about it until later in life.  So, I guess I would say, no, imo we are not born asexual, it's just takes time to develope the feelings.  But it's all pov, I guess.  That said, I was highly interested in sex at the earliest age I can remember.  I'm talking like, 4 years old or whatever.  Sure, I didn't understand all the mechanics and whatnot.  I didn't know exactly how females were different, but I knew they were different.  I didn't know the whats hows and whys of what was happening internally and such, but I felt sexual attraction basically from the beginning of my life.  One of my earliest memories is being sexually attracted to Ariel, as in the Little Mermaid.  I also had a huge crush on the girl next to me in my first grade class.  And it was definitely more than just thinking she was pretty or neat or something.  I definitely felt sexually attracted to her.  I guess it's common for kids to not be interested in the opposite sex until adolecence, but for me, nothing changed emotionally when I grew up.  I was interested from the get-go.

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