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A lot of people would ask if another person wants to live forever. My answer would be yes, but at the same time no.

See, I want to live forever, but not until the end of time. I want to live forever, and die when the world ends.

Because, well, technically, that is the end of 'forever', isn't it?

When the world is not there anymore, and we're all dead, that would be the end of forever.

That's when I want to die.

When everybody else does.

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Yeah, living forever sounds just plain awful! Think about it! You can do everything there is to do, learn everything there is to learn, meet everyone there is to meet... and you'd still have eternity to go! Horrible!


Besides, haven't you ever seen the Highlander? It was a documentary, you know, and the events did happen in real time.

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The trouble is, unless everyone else lives forever, you would see everything you know and love fade and die and change. It would break your heart, time and time again.

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