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Going on Hiatus until Monday

Moved to Elsewhere


All right, just telling you guys right now from tomorrow until Monday I'm not gonna be on the forums. Now you might think, "Oh, he's going to Bronycon!" No, I wish I could be at Bronycon. I envy people that go to Bronycon.


The real reason is I'm driving up the the upper peninsula of Michigan to see some family and for the memorial for my step grandmother. And where I'm staying is out in the woods with limited internet connection. So yeah, if you guys wonder, "Where's Chikorita!" This is why.


On a better note, since I'll be in a place with virtually no internet connection, I won't have to hear people talking about how awesome Bronycon is.


So yeah, I might pop on with 3g depending on how good it is, but for the most of it, I won't be on.


That's all I have to say, hopefully the forums isn't burned down when I get back. Oh, and I'll still be on the rest of the day just after today I won't.

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Idk if i'd call it a hiatus, more than just, your going on vacation and won't be here ;p. But regardless see ya around! You can always treat it as a kind of break, It can be nice to not have to worry about the internet at all from time to time.


Enjoy yourself, and hope to see ya back soon!

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