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flamereviews1990: Return of Harmony S1 EP27 and 28 finale



Hello and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy im back review episodes so yeah lets gets started. So when start off we see the cmc on a class trip and looking at a bunch of statues like friendship, victory and chaos after a gag joke with the cmc and a intro later we see ponyville in chaos complete with cotton candy clouds, chocolate rain, gigantic apples, and long legged bunnies. not sure about you but i could easily live like that {no seriously i wouldn't be phased atall} anyway after getting rid of the cotton candy clouds the mane6 get a letter from princess celestia telling them to come the castle.



This is because any old foe that she defeated and turned to stone ok one question why did she not get rid of the statue in the first place this would get rid of the problem of him returning anyway. Also if your not going to destroy it in the first place why didn't they just put the statue in a cell or something they could have turned him stone again if he got out because he would be........................LOCKED IN. BUT anyway she reveals the foe as discord and well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPfMb50dsOk {i was waiting to do that} anyway {take a drink everytime i type anyway} princess celestia says they need the elements of harmony but whats this the elements of harmony are.....GONE!?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW7Op86ox9g . anyway it turns out discord was the who took them and arranges a little game for were there are no cheating , no leaving, and everypony has to play or he wins anyway applejack starts lying . rarity starts falling in love tom the boulder{meme anyone?}.




Fluttershy begins being mean pinkie pie becomes pinkamena and rainbow dash just leaves and the ponies lose the game though twi is just fine everyone else isn't as they start drifting apart and began leaving each other. an the end of part one of two.



now after twilight and company have pretty well done encounter twilight starts getting annoyed calling applejack a liar pinkie pie a grump rarity horde and fluttershy a brute. lets not talk about spike being rainbow dash how does that even make sense ugh ANYWAY. after a failed attempt using the EoH twilight turns grey discord starts trash talking ugh if i were discord would ya know make sure i wouldn't overthrown like last time i mean he unSTOPPABLE the ONLY reason he can lose is because hes so cocky and doesn't now how to dodge. Anyway after celestia sends back all her letter from twilight.this very clever so she can remember what friendship really is and not stay in discord control. and after twilight reverts her friends to there normal state defeat discord because he doesn't HOW TO DODGE GRRRRRRRRR.Anyway thats it this was a great episode and hope you enjoyed the review as well have a nice and brony out

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