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My thoughts on some of the popular ships in the fandom.

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Well, as you know I label myself as the forum shipper, constantly shipping more than a ship takes off from dock. But you might come to wonder, what do I think of some of the most popular ships in the fandom? Well, today I'm gonna talk about some of the popular ships in the fandom.


First, we're gonna talk about a popular ship on this forum specifically, Rarijack. You can't deny that this forums has some backwards thing where Rarity and Applejack are the two most popular ponies here, so in term, the ship is gonna be talked about a lot; and the fact that the Rarijack fan club has 172 replies as of writing this. Now, let me just say that I'm not too big on slash shipping. I don't hate it, I have nothing against LGBT, I just think there's a bit of an abundance of it in this fandom to the point where it gets stupid. I mean come on, just because Rainbow Dash is a tomboy and has a rainbow mane, doesn't make her a lesbian. Going back on topic of Rarjack, the ship itself is OK. I mean, I do see why people ships it, with them being opposites and you know, opposites attract and they did have some nice interactions in recent episodes too. So overall, an OK ship.


I just chose one slash ship to talk about since it sums up my opinion on pretty much all the slash ships. So now let's get to the straight ships.


SoarinDash: This ship seems to be the most popular Rainbow Dash ship that's not a slash ship. This one I actually do ship. I mean, come on, they had some adorable interactions in episodes such as Best Night Ever and Canterlot Wedding Part 2 and no matter how poorly put together an episode like Rainbow Falls is, it still had that adorable moment of them talking in a hospital. Also there's the fact that Rainbow Dash wants to be a Wonderbolt and idolizes them as celebrities, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched if say she had at least a celebrity crush on Soarin. Overall, this is one of the ones where if you see some of my shipping post, you will see I ship it a lot.


Next is a most recent popular ship, Cheesepie. This is one of those ships where I ship it, but I'm not as passionate about. I really don't even need to explain why I can see this ship because really it's obvious, just see the song Cheese Sandwich sung at the end of Pinkie Pride. Now, the reason I'm not so passionate about it is because I already have an OC who I ship Pinkie with that was made before Pinkie Pride aired so me shipping it would make me feel awkward. But yeah, can still see it.


PokeyPie is a ship that I never really got why it was so popular. I mean come on, I'm pretty sure Pokey Pierce pops balloons so I'm pretty sure Pinkie would find it offensive. And yes, I know opposites attract but in this case, I just can't picture it in my head.


Fluttermac is another one I can barely see. I mean sure, they're both shy, but that's about it. I'm pretty sure their dates would consist of them just sitting there being quiet for an hour.


Twimac, however, I do ship. See, I had this fanfic where Big mac and Twilight raise Smarty Pants together and eventually bond with each other after that. Plus, Big Mac has shown to be a bit smart as seen in Applebuck Season. So who knows, maybe him and Twilight could study some of them fancy mathematics.


Now let's talk about Flashlight, I don't even like Flash Sentry, next.


Ah yes Sparity, defiantly a poplular ship in the fandom. This is one I used to ship but broke off of after that. I shipped it mostly because I liked the idea of Spike's crush on Rarity. Now this one is gonna sum up my opinion on most ships with Spike, he's a dragon so yeah. Well I do admit, this one and SweetieSpike I can somewhat understand, unlike say, Spilight. Seriously, Twilight is like Spike's motherly figure.


ButtonBelle, it's so adorable, I ship it. At first, I didn't really see the appeal in it, but after watching Don't Mine and Night, I defiantly ship it.


Dilestia I can see happening if Celestia and Discord had some other history besides, Celestia and Luna turning him to stone, but for some reason, I can't get my self to ship it all the way


Fluttercord huh? I can see where the shippers come from with this one but I see Fluttershy as more of a motherly figure instead of a girlfriend or I can see Fluttershy and Discord as epic friends kind of like Lilo and Stitch.


Raripants I defiantly ship too. Sweet and Elite and Canterlot Wedding Part 2, nuff said. And before you say, "But Fancy Pants is married to Fleur di lis." Was that actually confirmed in the episode? Cause it could've been like a friend or something.



And that is my thoughts on some of the most popular ships. Now I hope I don't cause a shipping war in the comments. *Forum Shipper Runs away*

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I never really liked Rarijack, personally I think they're too opposite


of the ones you mentioned, the only ones I like are SoarinDash, Sparity, and to a lesser extent, Raripants

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You have an OC ship? Those still make me shudder. I can't stand them. :x

However you missed Iron Will x Gilda. Obvs best ship 2011-2014.

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I think the reason that there is so much female female shipping is because all the most developed characters are female. I feel like we don't have a lot of stallions to work with, and the ones we got are a bit underdeveloped.


Also, people love lesbians.

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You have an OC ship? Those still make me shudder. I can't stand them. :x

However you missed Iron Will x Gilda. Obvs best ship 2011-2014.



Rarighost OTP

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:3 I've always shipped Fluttershy with rainbow dash.

their personalities are perfect when paired with one another.


buts heres a thought. how about Rarity and Big Macintosh.

xD xD

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