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Welcome To the Junkyard!



Hey y'all! It's Zygen here! I decided to finally start this new blog, because i've had the idea of it for a while, but I've yet to go through with it.


Basically, this blog is going to be more or less only random cover attempts and singing of stuff. However, these will all be singing attempts, which are mostlikely subpar, They may be good in some parts, but bleh in others. Or downright messy. My good clean runs that I feel are good will end up on my normal blog mostlikely, unless I decide to just do all my music stuff on here. http://mlpforums.com/blog/1111-the-mind-of-a-zygen/ (Main Blog)


I may even put non singing covers of stuff, maybe if I want to do covers on Trumpet of stuff, or when I get better at it maybe even guitar, we shall see.


However, this blog will mostlikely stay as the covers that never made it, I like to call it my "Cover Junkyard" because that's what it is basically ;p.


Anyways, if you want to follow this blog, feel free, if not, I don't blame you, either way, just be warned this blog will not be containing awesome singing mostlikely, but may have some really mistake ridden covers and such in it, so only follow if your prepared for some messy mistakes. (Or just to see me embarrass myself failing to sing something ;p.)


Also, I am trying to improve on singing, so any tips are more than welcome! Please, try not to be to hard on me for mistakes, as I am trying to improve, it's not like I plan on being subpar at singing forever. Plus I have confidence issues and a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, and thus I only sing when my family isn't home.


But critique is more than welcome! As well as tips, of course there are going to be some pretty obvious mistakes at times, just be warned ;p.


That's about it I think, have a great day! And I hope to get some stuff on here soon! Listening to me make a fool of myself :P.

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Well, this sounds like a wonderful idea and I'll try my best to critique you... I hope to hear you soon! 

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Well, this sounds like a wonderful idea and I'll try my best to critique you... I hope to hear you soon! 

Thanks! I hope it turns out ok! It'll be kinda hard to determine what is suitable for posting or not. Because be warned, I do have some pretty bleh covers saved on my computer.



I think you won't have to much trouble critiquing certain parts of many of them, as many of the mistakes are painfully obvious, but I may still post those anyways, I shall see how much embarrassment I am willing to take at the time ;p.

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