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Bookworm (Comic Issues 15-16, January 15th, February 5th 2013)


Jumping right into this one with no preamble. Giant cocoons in the orchards of Sweet Apple Acres. Interesting. Specifically they're being referred to as cocoons, which means they're covered in silk fiber. There's still a chrysalis in there (not Chrysalis the Changeling Queen, silly), it's just covered in a cocoon.


Pinkie seems to be referring to them as beans, which meaning the ones she's seeing aren't cocooned, which is odd. Applejack seems to think it's some kind of plant, which is even more odd. I'm only aware of one plant that vaguely resembles a cocoon, called unsurprisingly a cocoon plant, but it doesn't look like this.


There's a selection of insects that will attack books, but it's more by accident than anything. Some beetle larvae will bore through paper to get to proper wood, and there's a louse-like insect that will attack books providing they're very old and are actually getting moldy. They're only interested in the book because of the mold, they have no interest in the paper as such.


Very fast worm, this.


Ah, reference to an actual episode, the Power Ponies comic incident.


Interesting. The spell works much like the comic, modifying the ponies to match the illustrations in the book.


They're modifying the story by being 'in the book'... fascinating.


And... this is awfully familiar. It's not the same plot, but it's a weirdly similar premise to the G1 episode Through the Door


This is obviously not A.K. Yearling, but the *fictional* Daring Do instead.


Heh. Twilight can't stomach Rarity in full swing. Cute.


And that reminds me of the nothingness that was consuming the DC multiverse in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event series.


Ha! Couple of interesting references there. A Voldemort pony, a Maleficent pony, and a Loki pony. Cute.


As always, Pinkie is steps ahead and is content waiting for everyone else to catch up.


Lord of the Rings... with zombies. Okay.


which transforms into... I'm not exactly sure what that is. Rainbowettes? Okay, we're on a Star Trek story now.


Kaa from the Jungle Book, the Winter Queen from Narnia (complete with Turkish Delight)... and that Dragon girl from Game of Thrones? Ooookay.


I... okay, that went weird. Weirder and more abrupt than I expected to be honest. The bookworm was kinda a discount Discord.


But, it appears that in this world, fiction has a form of existence of it's own. If it's 'destroyed', it's remnants are forced into reality out of some kind conservation of imagination. I'm not sure what to make of that, when combined with the actual show episode about the magic comic.


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