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Well Would you look at this?

Phoenix Flam



blog-0262209001408103240.pngSo here we are the life of Phoenix and of course my companion Wolf and to kick this off I am at Wolfs Brothers house useing his laptop while he is on holiday till Sunday With his feonsay and son making yes Wolf an uncial and no don't call him uncial Wolf or any other abbreviation.


We are only here to take care of his staffy-bull-terrier and play with m are PC. But wait my PC is not here its n another house. yes with the power of the internet I can remote control my PC from this laptop. However I have given access to another person so they can play on it until they go back to uni and here is were the interesting insight to my life comes in.


I masaged this friends mum to turn my computer on so I could do some stuff on it forgetting she is at work now about 30 minuets later the computer was active so I went to control it as I open the mane screen I could see what looked like the layout for an Apache gunship flying in a game so i backed out quickly as I quickly deduced my friend was on my PC flying so I was surprised I then got a text from my friends mum saying she was at work and that i should text my friend.


So I waited thinking it was battlefield and that he will not be flying for long when I reconnected he then closed what he was doing it was YouTube and we had a conversation for about 10 minuets, you know general stuff to catch up with a friend and after that I left him to it I can wait to get the stuff. or I could go bug him again lock his controls and side complete control of the PC :P


However I am not like that. so I guess that is some insight on my life. I hope you like it there is more to come, but not yet. Take a day off :P


however if you want to catch up on events that have passed head on over to my DA Diary here is a link : http://phoenixflam.deviantart.com/gallery/48765519/Diary


Other then that feel free to comment I got to go see you again...soon...maybe



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