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Yet another day in the life of Phoenix ^_^

Phoenix Flam



First of all story update A1-7 are done and now B1 & 2 are done so the story is coming along well but we will see.


Now back to the day. Well its been kinda quiet. in bed by 04:00 and up by 08-09:00GMT so not much sleep. Not to mention the dog makes noises in the night because of dog's destructive nature he has to be in a dog crate at night and he dose not like that. It is still a pup after all and it like to chew...especially on things that are not his and are dangerous to him. He ate three of Wolf's nephews nappies. They should be fatal to dogs because of there absorbent chemicals expand. He was lucky so there you go he has also chewed on three lighters and poped two of them. Silly fool.


So that is why he is created at night. other then that he has been fine and the day has been slow so I am off to bed now myself and he shall be going to so I guess this is goodnight ^_^


I hope this has been insight full and there will be more to come...more interesting I promise...I hope.


Side note: Was listening to electric swing on YouTube while I was typing this...good stuff.



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