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Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity



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Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity (Novel, April 8th 2014)


I was going through these books, because there were a couple of instances where the books revealed facts that showed up in the regular show some time later. I'm not entirely sure that's ever going to happen again. This book, while it has a quite reasonable characterization of Rarity, doesn't reveal any background information about Rarity. Mostly it's puns.


The author, G.M. Berrow, likes creating cities in this series. Neigh Mexicolt, obviously New Mexico.


This book was published long after the Rarity Takes Manehattan episode broadcast, but the setup feels like the author wasn't aware of it. Yet, it references Filli Vanilli's the Pony Tones... in a weird way that makes it sound like Rarity isn't a member of it. This is one of those cases where I think G.M. Berrow does get advanced info from the show writers, in order to keep the books 'in universe', but nothing too detailed.


Coco Cheval. I have vague memories of that one popping


There is a difference between satin and charmeuse, but it's pretty trivial in the long run. Charmeuse, like proper satin, is a *pain* to work with machine stitching, the stupid stuff just won't sit still.


And a reference to Derpy/Ditzy complete with preventing speech and confusion as to what her name is.


Larsons The Neigh School for Design, is a take off of Parsons: The New School for Design, and referencing M.A. Larson at the same time.


The back-references to the show are coming a bit thick.


Bridle Gown. I can't believe I didn't notice that pun before.


Odd. It suddenly switched from her having no luggage (no books as per Twilight) to having a ton of junk for Spike to carry, and no bridging info between those two states.


Mare-is, Prance. And John Gallopiano, an expy of John Galliano. Sacks for Saks is a bit weak, but there's a limit to how much punning any one person can produce.


This is following a rather stock plot.


It's still a creepy plot, of course.


But resolved in a very kid-friendly way. Oh well.

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