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#5: PC Vs. Console Vs. Handheld

Blue The Pikachu


blog-0344653001411701278.pngIt's about time we cross the gaming line. Which is better: PC, Console, or Handheld? Let's talk.


Before starting, I would like to say, I have nothing against any of these platforms, I like them all.


Let's start with the Master Race why don't we? PC Gaming is probably the most advanced platform of gaming I have ever seen and probably the most inspiring piece of gaming history there is. It has the largest library of games out there, best customization options out there, you don't have to pay for online subscriptions *Cough* XBL/PSN *Cough* and also doubles as a Gaming rig, and a work computer! Overall, PC definitely deserves the title "Master Race".


Now to Consoles. Consoles are probably defined gaming in its entirety, starting with Magnavox and the Atari 2600. Without consoles, video games, probably wouldn't exist. The current generation of consoles have their perks and cons as such, mostly due to Console Exclusives (Last of Us, Halo, Mario, etc.). Consoles are surely made to be enjoyed by everyone who wants to jump in and play a game. Consoles do run up there with the PC, but fall a little short due to some restraints on its capabilities.


Handhelds I won't spend too much time on. They're small, easy to carry, have a large selection of games, and can be played anywhere.


I enjoy all three platforms, but PC is just my personal favorite. This was just a little something that was created from an argument a friend and I had, so it's for fun.


Favorite Console/Platform?

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Pc > Handheld > Console


I don't have anything against consoles, but given the choice, I pick PC every time. I feel like I have greater control over what I can do with my games on my pc (skyrim mods, for example) My 3DS gives me things I can't get on pc or console, so there's that.

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For me it's Console > PC > Handheld.


Consoles are my bread & butter of gaming; essentially. I really just want to get into a game and play it with as little fuss as possible. Plus when you add in a lot of the games themselves being exclusives to one or more consoles and add in the less confusing layout of controller vs. keyboard (for me, anyway), it's consoles all the way.


Now, I'm not saying I don't like PC gaming. I actually do. Games like Age of Empire, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine stole HOURS from me, and I never regretted it. However, I could never really keep my computer up to date enough for the newest games, and with me now being on a Mac it'd made gaming VERY difficult.


Handhelds are fine, though they're the platform I use the least, but I've played plenty of good games and both the Vita & 3DS have quality games as well.


I just love gaming, regardless of the platform, but again I do have a love of consoles over PC & handhelds. ^^

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Console gaming started it all, and still delivers better gaming than PC games since you can get most PC games on your console anyways, and portable are nice, but just do not compare.

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The PC master race stuff is actually really annoying to me...The only reason is because it seems like some elitist thing. Maybe I am wrong there, that's the vibe I get from it.


I prefer consoles and handhelds over PCs. Yes, a PC is more customizable, but for me, when it comes to playing games, I far prefer having everything I need right there and easy to use, easy to access, and definitely inexpensive. I would rather by an Xbox One for $400 with its features and games and know that when I buy the system, all the games will work perfectly fine. If I buy a PC for the same price, I am not guaranteed anything in terms of that. Plus, I think PSN and Xbox Live are great services. They are well made and organized well. I prefer that too. I just don't like PC gaming much. I like some PC games though.


Handhelds are self explainable I think.

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Consoles are computers too. They just lack the ability to be upgraded, tweaked, modded, or otherwise customized to meet my needs. So... hmm... I wonder which is better. I don't know; I just can't decide. ;)

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For PC games you have to constantly upgrade your rig just to keep up which is something I really don't want to have to do and this is coming from a guy who like a lot of power in his PC. Sure you get a lot more graphical and processing power in PC but I just want to be able to plug the game and start playing,it is true that consoles are becoming more computer like it seems more and more like consoles are trying to be something they shouldn't be which is part of the reason why this current console generation hasn't had as much of an upgrade in its power as previous console generations have. There are a couple of PC games I do like though but for the most part I tend to go more for consoles. 


With handhelds Nintendo keeps dominating, Sony can and should be able to catch up with all the potential that the Vita has but nearly all of its games are Playstation 2 or even Playstation 3 ports. There is of course also the rise of cell phone and internet games but nearly all of them just seem to be clones of each other and ripoffs of old school games like Tetris and just don't impress me. The rise of downloadable titles is great for all platforms, it gives indie developers a shot to get their stuff out there and consumers a chance to get old games they missed out on.

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