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Inner Struggles

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I never thought I would be blogging something like this. I can usually make a blog and be very optimistic when looking at stuff or barely talk about my personal life. I just never really had much to talk about. That's because, looking around, I don't have a lot in my life.


Now, don't take this as me being depressed, cause I'm not, I'm just talking about personal inner thoughts I sometimes have.


I feel like everything I do I'm only about average at and not amazingly good. I'm only about an OK critic, an OK gamer, an OK writer, and OK everything. I can do the stuff but am not amazing at it.


Even on these forums, I always feel like there's people out there doing much more than I am. We've got great critics, great writers, and great roleplayers. And then there's me, Mr Average. Just the guy who people say "Oh nice job." When I feel like I didn't do that grand of a job. I try my best but my stuff mainly turns out OK. Most of my posts are nowhere near as long and detailed as a lot of people. I honestly have no idea how I'm pretty known on here. I just do stuff that other people on this forum can do better at.


This can sometimes also lead me to get a bit jealous. I don't outright say it, but I feel I get jealous. I look at the RP community and see how great they can do with it and how much roleplays they've done well I just feel I'm not very good at it. I get jealous of how much they've done it to the point where I can't even look at it.


I get jealous of how good people can show praise or criticize stuff better than me. Even in my top 10 least favorite episode lists, the blog I made seemed a bit unorganized. I only glaze over things I don't like without being able to think about how I could go into more detail. I think of it, and it doesn't look as good as I thought once I post it. Then I see these other people who can praise their favorite character or episode much better well my praise comes off as awkward.


This is just my personal struggles I think of when I'm alone.

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Trust me, I'm the exact same way. Just do your own thing and don't bother about emulating others' styles or success. Do what you love, don't make it a chore or a competition.

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Dude, people get so frustrated with me for disliking fan favorites such as "Sleepless in Ponyville" and that one "episode." I come under fire for my opinions of episodes quite often. Just believe in what you say and make sure you have thought everything out. Also, being open to interpretation is helpful :D Not saying you aren't, because you are, but don't listen to anyone else unless they directly offer their opinion on your, err, opinion. Form your own opinion and then hear the fandom out after the fact.


Works for me.

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Please realize that what you're striving to do is nothing less than trying to impress an entire community -- that's more in the league of the carismatic. Outside of people with whom you have friendly relations with, we're ultimately talking about people who just remember you.


From what I can see in your blog post, you have a need for a sense of inclusion -- certainly not a unique thing in this fanbase -- but am I sensing desperation? Craving attention to satisfy self-esteem needs seems like a sure way to get yourself feeling hurt. Being the best at something isn't helpful either. My suggestion would be to find alternatives to fulfilling your self-esteem needs. There are many ways to arrive at accomplishment.

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