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leaving the past behind

cold heart


funny thing happened to me

I have a classmate

it was a time that bothered me

but after a while

I got bored and decided to address it

the funny thing about this is that bothered me

for practicing combat

at break

but what he did not realize

that was made ​​worse

is that

think you are afraid

just for a day in the lead pack the

loaded gun and bullets to book 9

and I think he did not even know it occupy

since it is not the

and also the other problem was that kick you in the face

is that he is addicted to porn

ve porn at home

on the street

and even school


but what makes me laugh more

he is the bad

but one says something aggressively

and he remains silent

and this is because one day

I was talking and to annoy


you're boring

That would be what I wanted to say but he said it with insults

then I told him !! I was talking to you

but as if threatening degas

and I do not speak in whole class


I never felt so good

before I was shy and did not say anything

but now every time I defend bother me

and with that I feel good

I have friends now

I'm slowly leaving behind the past

but that will not be to face myself

and change everything I was and be a new and better person

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