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Something about your commentary style makes me want to watch your stuff ;p. So whatever it is, I hope you keep that, because you do a good job of not making me get bored. How so, i'm not sure, but regardless.


Overall you did a pretty good job, especially for your first time.


If I was to critique anything, i think it might be the organization of ideas again, because while it seems to have improved over your last video, you did seem to start branching off and getting sidetracked here and there especially towards the end of the video.


But i'm sure with some experience that will improve, all I can say is try to know what your going to talk about before you talk about it, and try not to branch off to a bunch of different topics and ideas to much, especially if you don't plan on going into them and explaining them much. Unless maybe it's some kind of outro or something saying that you might investigate this later.


But overall, a good job!


And another thing about your theory specifically, didn't the episode with Maud Pie in it say something about how they got together every year to exchange rock candy? Or is that my false recollection?

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