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Y'know, for a horror movie where the monster could easily be defeated if you kicked him hard enough across the room, the original Child's Play ain't half bad. Not a masterpiece by any standards, but it's good fun.




Take a seat, Annabelle.

- Originally named "Batteries Not Included", but changed when it was found out Steven Spielberg was producing a movie with the same name.


- Child's Play was originally meant to be a satire of marketing aimed at children before it became a horror flick. In the story's original form, Chucky was named Buddy and was not possessed by a psychopath's soul, and was instead a projection of Andy's frustration and loneliness and went after Andy's "enemies," such as his teachers and babysitter.


So it's like E.T., but better.


- Chucky's real name, Charles Lee Ray, is a reference to serial killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.


- Chucky was designed by Kevin Yagher, who also designed the Crypt Keeper tweaked Freddy Kruger for Freddy's Revenge and more or less solidified the classic look of that character.


- Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky, ran around the recording studio before every take to give the performance a frantic edge. This resulted in him nearly passing on one or two occasions.


- The original film caused quite a stir when it was released, with protesters at MGM Studios claiming it would incite violence in children. United Artists ended up disowning the movie when it was in talks to be bought out by a studio unwilling to make horror movies, and the sequel rights went to Universal.


- A copy of Child's Play 2 sits on Jerry's shelf on Seinfeld.


- Peter Jackson was asked to direct Child's Play 3.


- At some point, Chucky loses his right hand in each of the first three movies.




- The opening scene in Bride of Chucky features cameos from Jason Vorhees's and Michael Myers's masks, Freddy Krueger's glove, Leatherface's chainsaw, the Puppetmaster's puppets, and the crate from Creepshow.


- The doll sex scene in Bride was improvised. How could you not love that movie?


- Because Seed of Chucky was so outside of the type of movie Focus Features usually released, they creaked Rouge Pictures just to release this movie.


The last movie they released was Movie 43. Guess that explains where they went.


- Glen/Genda is voiced by Billy Boyd aka Freaking Pippin the hobbit. That's not a fun fact or anything, I just think that's really funny.


- If you ever get the chance, check out the latest movie, Curse of Chucky. It's surprisingly good, best one since the first.




Oh god no.


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Its rather odd how they turned Child's Play from a straight up horror series into a devolved comedy over the years. Hell Chucky even got a bitchy blonde doll wolf and an emo transvestite for a son.


yRn4VNj.jpgLet that be a lesson to you kids, breeding gingers and  dumb blondes together produces emo goths. Then again its not too ironic considering the Chucky series tends to attract a lotta goths.


Yea Chucky creeped the fuck outta me for ages, but now he sames milder and even funny compared to others. He's got nothing on Talking Tina though. Doesn't bat an eye or move an inch and still manages to get away with 1st degree murder.

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