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Chikorita Reviews: Super Smash Brothers for 3DS

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Well, this review might seem a little overdue. Sorry, had to actually unlock all the characters and the stages before I actually officially review this game. And, now I have so I might as well review it.


So, the premise. It's Smash Brothers, but this time on a 3DS. That's about it.


All right time to start out with the bad. Well the game controls decently on a handheld, I did have some issues controlling the characters with the circle pad. Sometimes when I want to smash say left I smash right or sometimes it can screw me over and make me fall off a cliff. It's just a minor nitpick.


I also sometimes have trouble telling which one is me. This is probably because I'm playing it on a regular 3DS as opposed to a 3DS XL, but the stages would sometimes be zoomed out where I can't tell who I am. At least I didn't double up with characters.


Also, some characters are missing, notably Ice Climbers and Lucas.


Another minor note is some of the AI seems a bit more OP. When did Master Hand get so difficult? I've heard it's even more hard on 9.0 intensity on classic mode where you have to fight this monster thing.


Now, time for the good. I really like all the new features in this game. Smash Run is a good, fun feature. Probably a replacement for the adventure mode. Maybe the adventure mode will be on the Wii U version.


Also, liking the roaster despite the missing characters. You can finally have the battle of the gaming mascots with Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac Man. Also, Bowser Jr. is in the game. That might seem lame but when you switch his costumes, they turn into the 7 other koopa kids. So, you can play as the koopa kids.


In Classic mode, I like how instead of fighting through one set destination, you can take branching paths to different locations leading to something different every time. Just one of those nice cool new things.


Oh, and for surprising new characters. Duck Hunt. I didn't see that coming at all along with Bowser Jr. I didn't look at the leaks due to spoilers and I do not like leaks.


So bottom line, it's a pretty fun game to hold you over for when the Wii U version comes out. The Wii U version will probably have more features and all that, but this version can hold you over until then.


Final Score: 8/10

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I'm a little bummed that the subspace emissary from brawl didn't make it into the game. Other than that though, I think SSB3DS is pretty solid.

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I'm a little bummed that the subspace emissary from brawl didn't make it into the game. Other than that though, I think SSB3DS is pretty solid.


I agree, The Subspace Emissary was one of the best things of Brawl.

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I like it and I agree the Ai hos gotten more OP especiall when you fight a certain boss in Classic mode (Hiding name because of spoilers....play on 5.1 or higher to know what the boss is

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I would also would like to hear your thoughts on the customization and the mii fighters, which are features that I personally really enjoy.


And maybe even a further analysis on the smash run mode

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