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Just a note thing for those who see this, though it's probably obvious already.

yayayayayala :3


For those of you who saw my blog post but didn't see that I'm still getting online (and for the one person who was following this blog):


I didn't have to leave the Forums after all. I was able to mostly fix things without taking a hiatus, thank goodness, which came as welcome news to myself! (Though I'm still in the process of "fixing things", and it might have gone faster if I had taken a hiatus, it's still better than leaving my amazing friends and MLPForums itself! @Spirit Rush and all you other peoples I talk to every day/other day!) Anyway, I'll still be here for quite some time, provided nothing happens in the future. :)


Note that I will be busy, though, since I have a lot crowding my plate right now...personal projects, mostly. So I might not be on all the time and/or every day, but I'll still be here. :3


Okbai! cadance___cute_by_ponyuniverse-d826i7p.png

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