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It's almost time

ignore pls


My power supply got here earlier today, my case is scheduled for delivery tomorrow and I've ordered the storage. What turned into a year-long project is almost over.


When I started my PC build, things were different. I was aiming for an AMD processor, a Seasonic power supply, a Samsung SSD, Corsair RAM and a Fractal Design case. As time went on, I decided that Intel would be better for my needs and bought a Core i5-4690K, switched power supplies to an XFX unit (although technically it's still Seasonic, the difference is that it's fully modular instead of semi meaning I can replace all the cables if I want or need to instead of everything but the 24-pin and 8-pin cables), RAM to G.Skill, SSD to Crucial and case to a Phanteks design. The only things that remained constant were the GPU, an EVGA GTX 760, the motherboard manufacturer, Asus, the hard drive, a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black, and the operating system, Windows 8. Other than that, it's a different beast than it was months ago.


I still remember the excitement of getting my first part, the GPU, back in April. Since then it's been sitting in a box with everything else, waiting to be used. Well, if things go as I think they will, I can begin building my first PC next week. It's time to get off laptops and get onto something much better. More expandable. Quieter. Cooler. A desktop PC.


For those of you curious, the specs can be found here. Of course, these are not the final specs - I plan on expanding it later. More RAM, aftermarket CPU cooler, more storage. But that's what I'm starting with.

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