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Black Friday Adventure!

simply creative


blog-0209249001417144640.pngSo here is the story.

Black Friday actually starts Thursday night which is odd considering the name black (Friday).

All the stores opened at 5PM.

I was first at best buy at 4:30 PM.

The store was packed, but not too packed to get crushed. Best buy was safe and no one got hurt. I got my phone in 20 minutes.


But the big problem was when I had to go to Walmart to get my I phone.

People were literary fighting. There were at least 10 police officers there and even they could not control it.

I quickly escaped it and went back to electronics section to get my phone and my god there was the biggest line ever.

It was very unorganized. I ended up waiting for an hour and when I went to the cashier they told me to go to a specific one for mobile and there was only one.

I was soo pissed to get back in the line I just had to cut so that's what I did.

surprisingly no one noticed me cutting and Thank god I got the last I phone 6 plus.

In conclusion I will never ever shop at Walmart on black Friday.



and here is what i bought


  • Brohoof 2


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