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Top 5 Rainbow Rocks Songs

Sunny Fox


Fifth Place:


"Rainbow Rocks"


And the music / Yeah, the music... / Gets us to the top...

Really got me pumped for the movie, but it's a little short compared to some of the other songs.

Fourth Place:


"Shine Like Rainbows"


And the sound that we hear in our hearts / Makes a crescendo...

Almost the opposite of "Rainbow Rocks", it's the corresponding bookend, and ties the movie together perfectly... well, except for what happened to the sirens, but maybe "Equestria Girls 3: Science kills Magic" will explain that.

Third Place:


"Under Our Spell"


We say "Jump!" / You say "How high?" / Put your hands up to the sky...

I'm going to explore this more in my "for realsies" Rainbow Rocks review, so no more here... it builds suspense. Just... just... that evil laugh at the end...

Second Place:


"Welcome to the Show"


Now you need us / Come and heed us / Nothing can stop us now!

Really gives me the feels because the climax is so... awesome... :wub: . But some stuff which I thought was cool is missing from the official release of the song, so second place is where it stays.

First Place:


Let's Have a Battle (of the Bands)


Me and you / You and me / Why don't we see who is better?

Reverse Cafeteria Scene. That is all. It is the best song in Rainbow Rocks.



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