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Video Game Awards - Thoughts and Inquiries



Well, I wasn't originally planning something like this, but I had some thoughts that I wanted to share after watching the 2014 edition of the Video Game Awards.


For one thing I am a BIG fan of the overall format of this years awards ceremony. I didn't watch last year's ceremony, but I did catch the one before that and while it was fun in a way, it was also very grating. The musical performances didn't fit, the overall humor felt forced, and the overall feeling of bombast just screamed of "WE'RE NOT THE OSCARS OR EMMYS, WE'RE COOL" too me. Maybe they were just trying WAY too hard at the time, but it didn't work for me. Of course it wasn't all bad as I like that there were reveals of games & all, but the old format I didn't care for.


This format, though, was MUCH better. The flow felt much more natural, there was an overall lack of musical performances and what performances were there actually fit, the whole ceremony felt much more subtle, and it seemed there was a general air of respect in the air.


And that brings me to my next point. I really loved how there was an emphasis on remembrance to what gaming was so long ago and how far the industry has come. Bringing in Koji Kondo was a master stroke, and that piece on Sierra actually brought a tear to my eye. I liked how the Indie developers were mentioned alongside their triple A counterparts, and that the guests brought into speak and/or to present awards actually felt like they cared. This time, I really felt love and passion for gaming. It doesn't have to be bombastic and in your face; a little bit of respect and subtlety can go a long way.


Going back to the musical performances, I am GRATEFUL we had no sign of, and again I'm bringing back this phrase, anything that was loud, bombastic, and in your face. I'm not a fan of Imagine Dragons, but I liked their bit at the end (w. Kondo) and I liked that other group that essentially played remixed versions of classic gaming tunes. This was the first time I didn't mute the broadcast during the music. OH! And I LOVED the segments were pieces of a specific game's music was played; like the dancing violinist with the Dragon Age piece or that wonderfully soothing track from No Man's Sky. THANK YOU for this!


As for the awards, there really isn't much that I can say. I kinda wished there was more emphasis on awards that weren't given much attention like Best Fighting Game or those other awards whose names I forgot (see my point?). Also, and this is a bit nitpicky, but I am not a fan of combining the sports and racing genres into one single award. I don't know, I just have issues comparing Mario Kart 8 with FIFA 15. Lastly, I was generally happy with the nominees for the Best Game Award, and on a more subjective note, I was MORE than happy with the eventual winner!


Seriously though, I believe all five games (Dark Souls II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Bayonetta II) have legitimate claims for the award and I was glad to see the over-hypesd games of the year not get picked.


Lastly, and this is usually a treat for me, I was EXTREMELY pleased with the game reveals. Of course we had known about many of them in the past like The Order: 1886 and Witcher III: Wild Hunt, but it was a pleasure getting to see some newer footage. I know many people talk about the Zelda footage, but I was more muted on that. The world looked beautiful & all, but there wasn't much to really excite me over. I'm hoping the world gets a little more varied before release. Also, King Quest looked FANTASTIC, and this is coming from someone who never played the older games. Honestly, most of the games shown (Bloodbourne, Witcher III, The Order, King's Quest, among others) I'm still hyped about!


So yeah, those are my thought on this years Video Game Awards. Overall, I thought the show was a dramatic improvement over past editions of the ceremony, and while improvements can be made, I can say in all thoughtfulness, I am appreciative of the care and respect shown not only to the industry; but to gamers as a whole!


Thank you for your time.


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I've always though the VGA's were a joke at best, kind of embarrassing at worst (the teabagging thing from few years back comes to mind). I wish they would focus on the actual awards more, instead of being a hype train station.

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Banul, this The Game Awards is a separate thing from the VGAs. They're only connected in the sense that they're both awards shows for video games. Also, I'm pretty sure this is serving as a replacement for the VGAs, since Spike said they weren't doing them anymore. Over all it was a very respectable event that, much different than the VGAs.

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This was probably the first time I didn't hate the Video Game Awards, I liked the game reveals a lot. My only real problem was that I felt that Bayonetta 2 deserved GOTY, though I agree that at least all of the nominees at least deserved it in some regard, rather than the Overhyped 3 that I feared(Destiny, Watch Dogs, and Titanfall)


Also damn straight on Nintendo getting Developer of the Year. No deserved it more than Nintendo this year, not even Platinum(I loved Bayonetta 2, but Nintendo released so many heavy hitters, it's hard to argue)

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