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On the Subject of Forum Depression

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Throughout my time on the forums, I have noticed there are quite a few people who get depressed, whether it be because of not feeling popular, not feeling noticed, or feeling inferior to everyone else. So, I as someone who has felt down on the forums before am here to give you a guide on how to feel better about yourself.


First off, look at the positive things about you. Look at every time someone said nice things about you, or every happy birthday, or just general positive posts. This can surprisingly give you a confidence boost. A few weeks ago, staff member @Jeric recently said what was probably the nicest thing anyone on this site has ever said about me. It sure did make my day.


The next tip is to actively try and find friends who you can talk to. There is a thread for finding your best friend so that can help a lot. Having friends to talk to can not only increase your social skills, but if you are ever feeling down, they can make you feel better again.


If you have a Skype, that can be another great place to get to know people on the forums. I didn't know anyone that well when I was first trying to get social around here. After adding some people on the forums on Skype, I quickly made a lot more friends. There is also a thread for exchanging Skype names.


And the final thing is, never feel down on yourself. It will be harder to make friends if you're always acting sad. So when you're trying to make friends, have a friendly positive attitude when doing it so the friend feels more welcome.


That's about all I have to say. I hope this blog helped some of you people.

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 Never give up people, I know life can be hard, but those who took the initiative to seek help already show that they are not weak. Hard times come and go, as do good times. Never forget this, and no matter how many enemies you have, there is always someone who cares about you. :D

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Interesting you mention . He knows how to say nice things about people. We need more Jerics. :)


To add to that, I would say not to turn personal things into a competition. Don't turn something you care about so much, like art or other works, into a popularity contest, and don't compare the worth of your work against the works of others. Not everything is business. What counts is getting your vision out there and expressing yourself, not reaping the rewards.

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This is good blog post I've seen some people who had this and I had this on me aswell I sometimes still have it .


It is something like a drug when someone notices you it feels so good and you want more of that and when you don't get it it saddens you. 


I don't know how to beat this but focusing on the good things is very important because you always find bad things to depress you if you start searching for them.



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I know I been depressed lately, but I had a rough year just waiting for it to end. I would go into it but my friends on here mostly know

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Good blog post here


Your right, fighting depression here is tough, but we all have to work together for everyone, and yourself


I support anyone in need if possible, so I always do my best to give others a good time if possible


Thanks for sharing pal

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