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Chikorita's Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

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Well, this list was a bit overdue. Anyways, here are my top 10 favorite Pokemon. This list probably has no tension seeing as you should all know what my number 1 is. But you get to see the other 9.


10: Heracross


I've always been quite fond of fighting types. They hit hard and have some epic designs. But none stand out the most as Heracross. It's a fighting bug type, leading to some great type coverage. Also, when do we ever get a good bug type? Not that often. Also, this thing has a rather interesting running gag in the anime where it would suck Bulbasaur's sap. Don't know why that's fun to write fanfics about.


9. Scyther


I've always liked this thing, but I never knew why. Maybe it looked cool, maybe I just like epic looking bug type as shown in this list so far. Well, I like ninjas, and this thing is practically baesed off of them. Those sharp claws just look excellent on it. That's all I can think of here.


8. Cofagrigus


OK, this one might seem shallow, but this spot is based on design alone. When I first saw this design for Black and White, I knew this thing would be something. It's basically a defensive ghost type. But this thing looks badass. It's a mummy tomb, WITH 4 ARMS! It's like Machamp just got mummified or something. Oh, and it's pretty decent in battle.


7. Dragonite.


I've always liked dragons. I just have trouble deciding which dragon I like best. I actually consider most dragon types to be overrated since everybody uses them. But I don't know why, but I like Dragonite the best. It seems to be based more on mythological dragons, which I really like. Maybe Spike should hang out with it.


6. Magmar


Magmar is one of those Pokemon that quickly grew on me. I was playing through Gold and Silver when I caught one of these things in burnt tower. It proved to be very competitive. I don't know what happened but I started to like it more. Maybe it's just the epic design, maybe it's cause I don't even know what it's supposed to be. Who knows?


5. Porygon


OK, I like this thing more than the fact it managed to get banned from the anime. I'm a computer nerd and since Porygon is a Pokemon centered around computers, I'm all over it. I like it's polygonal design like what would really be in computer software. And insert joke about Porygon getting banned from the anime for seizures that Pikachu caused.


4. Espeon


Best eveelution. I love its majestic design, how it always looks like it just doesn't care well still remaining majestic. The other eveelutions look cool too, but I seem to have latched onto this one for some reason. It looks like what would happen if Twilight became a Pokemon if she wasn't a Rapidash.


3. Absol


These next two spots require a story. I had just gotten Omega Ruby and was playing through it. I was trying to build up a team and needed a 6th member. After thinking about it for a while, I finally came upon this thing. I had already thought it looked cool with the concept of a Pokemon appearing before a disaster, but using it on my team made me like it even more. I even ship it with the Pokemon on my team that is in the next spot..


2. Manetric


At first, I didn't really care about this Pokemon. To me, it seemed like your typical common electric type you catch in Hoenn as an Electryke. But after using it in Omega Ruby I can safely say it's been a fun ride using. I love it's design. It looks really majestic. Oh, and this Pokemon also made me realize how much I love electric types. And yes, I get so bored, I start shipping my own Pokemon.


1. Chikorita


Yeah, you all saw this one coming. Now, I never really explain why I love Chikorita. It's been a Pokemon I've actually loved since I was young. When watching the anime as a child, this would be that one Pokemon Ash had that was the most memorable to me. It's crush on Ash was just hilarious to me. I also love it's partially reptilian design being a fan of reptiles. Sadly, it gets an underrated spot seeing as it's a starter in a game that has a lot of gyms strong against grass types. Regardless, let the green leaf Pokemon shine!


Thanks for reading. Honorable mentions include Primeape, Vaporeon, and Greninja.

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