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IDW Equestria Girls Holiday Special Review

Didn't see this one coming did you?


Alright so I think plenty of people who know me by now, know how I feel about Equestria Girls. To those who don't, I love both movies! I know there are plenty of people who dislike them, especially the first one and can probably come up with a laundry list of reasons as to why they think it's bad and why it shouldn't exist but to hell with that I thought they were quite a bit of fun and I'm sticking to that opinion! I'm not going to change my thoughts to conform to someone else's view of the movies.


Now that you know about my views about that you're probably wondering what my views towards the Equestria Girls Holiday Special are. It's absolute crap! And before anyone asks, no, this is not because it was written by Mr. "Oh Cyberbullying is terrible (which I agree with) now excuse me while I support someone who advocates hatred and violence towards men and bronies". I'm judging this comic based on it's own merits.


Keep in mind, I'm one of the most laid back people in this fandom, I can enjoy most of the episodes this fandom hates with the exception of four.

1. Mysterious Mare Do Well

2. A Friend in Deed

3. Spike at your Service

4. Daring Don't

So for me to dislike an MLP story you have to have screwed up pretty bad and I'll go into great detail about that.


Alight so our story begins with Applejack and Sunset talking about the Holidays and how Sunset doesn't have anyone to celebrate with because, you know, she's basically an alien on this world. Applejack hoping to remedy this has a secret meeting with the rest of humane 6 (hurr hurr, bad pun) and hopes to remedy Sunset's loneliness with a series of slumber parties and so they start this off at Pinkie's house. Where we learn that Rainbow Dash is a gamer (why does this make absolute perfect sense?) and that Fluttershy has wonton gamer rage issues (okay, that's a surprise) and they have 16 Pizzas. A bit excessive for 6 people don't you think Pinkie?! Are you expecting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to pop by! (Note: I would totally go and see an MLP/TMNT crossover! IDW has the licenses for both franchises! MAKE IT!!)


After that they have this moment where they tell us about how great it is to have friends. Aww, it's so sweet I'm getting diabetes reading it. You know, Writer, the series is called "Friendship is Magic", yeah usually it's following a different version of these characters and Twilight but we really do not need to be told about how great it is to have friends, we can already see why by watching the show and reading the other comics. A phone call from Applebloom then interrupts their little moment and tells Applejack that Granny Smith wanted to know if she's okay, Applejack tells her that of course she's fine and Applebloom hangs up calling her "Piggly Wiggly", prompting Sunset to ask about it. So Applejack then proceeds to tell everyone that she got that nickname when she was little because she once jumped in the pigpen and played with the pigs on their farm and that Applebloom likes to use that nickname to tease her when she thinks AJ's getting too big for her britches. However this must have been one of those days where Applebloom just felt like being a jackass because she really didn't have any reason to use that nickname. When everyone's all good and asleep Sunset takes out that magic book from Rainbow Rocks and sends Twilight a friendship report.


The next day Applejack is greeted to a bunch of other students calling her by her nickname. Applebloom then proceeds to tell Applejack that her someone called "Anon-A-Miss" (Oh how clever >_> ) has been spreading her nickname and the story behind it on MyStable and when Applejack starts wondering who could have done such a thing Applebloom immediately tries to pin it on Sunset because Anon-A-Miss uses the same color-scheme and Sunset just heard the story yesterday. Way to give yourself away there Applebloom. How did you even know that AJ gave Sunset an explanation about that nickname? :fiery:


The rest of AJ's friends find out and Sunset tells her that if there's anything they can do, she always has someone to talk to. Then it's on to slumber party #2, hosted by Rarity where we see Sweetie Belle telling Rarity and Fluttershy about what she's been up to. As soon as everyone arrives Rarity kicks Sweetie Belle out, much to Sweetie's dismay and the party begins. Pinkie Pie after some Karaoke breaks Rarity's closet, something she's done several times before apparently, and they find all the clothes that Rarity either bought or made that turned out horrible. So everyone decides to try them all on and Sunset takes pictures. So same night as before, Sunset writes a Friendship report and goes to sleep.


When she wakes up the next day, things go to hell in a hand-basket when she gets met with hostility from her friends. As it turns out Anon-A-Miss put photos of them wearing the awful clothes on MyStable, the exact picture's that were taken by Sunset. So they see her as guilty, don't hear her out, reduce Sunset to tears, declare that she's not their friend and leave her for the wolves. You know, girls, I know this evidence is convincing and all but one problem with this. When you look at Anon's page you'll see that there are photo's of Sunset on there as well which would also make Sunset a prime target for teasing. Plus, this is also the same Sunset that helped save everyone from a bunch of evil Sirens! You have the right to be suspicious but for now I'd say that it's a little to soon to be throwing accusations. I really feel bad for Sunset, here. I can't exactly find an image for it but to sum it up, to see Sunset cry is like looking at a kicked puppy, it's a very sad sight.


As the days go by things are getting worse for everybody. Anon-A-Miss has decided to spill everybody's secrets in the school ruining friendships and relationships, everybody in the school's arguing with each other, the teasing is getting is getting worse for the Humane 5 (god I hate using that term) and Sunset is really lonely and people are taking their wrath out on her as they see her as Anon-A-Miss. Sunset is reduced to tears again and tries to find out who's behind this, accusing Trixie who says she's not Anon-A-Miss but admires her and would like to congratulate her for what she's doing. ...and Trixie has a huge following, why? Anyway Sunset goes home, has a talk with Twilight and they call the humans worse than Windigos. (Why doesn't Sunset go home then?)


The next day Sunset goes to Sugarcube Corner to meet her friends who still treat her with hostility and she shows them the magic book to help try and convince them that she's not Anon-A-Miss and that she's worked out who she is. Then the Cutie Mark Crusaders enter and confess that they did it.


And now we come to the part that convinced me that this comic needed to face my wrath! After they are confronted as to why they humiliate them, they proceed to go and blame Sunset for their actions! They did it because they were so jealous that the humane 5 were spending so much time with Sunset that they decided to humiliate them online. Applebloom made the page and put up the Piggly Wiggly story, Sweetie Belle stole Sunset's phone and Scootaloo went along with everything because reasons, she didn't even get a speaking role in this comic so we don't really get a reason why she went a long with everything! We don't even get a reason why they decided to humiliate everyone else in the school! What did they do to piss them off? It's like the writer decided to take Ponyville Confidential and make a crappy spin on it. At least in Ponyville Confidential the crusaders had a reason, they were getting blackmailed so they had to go along with it. In this story they are just doing this out of petty spite.


So, what happens after all this? They're instantly forgiven. They apologize to everyone and get six months detention and everything's all well good. Despite what they've done, the Humane 6 let the Crusaders hang out with them and it's a happy ending.


:eww: ...I'm sorry, NO! Just no! I can't get behind this ending. It's not that easy to just forgive someone for public humiliation and then accept them into your circle of friends! I'm honestly shocked that they did that. So let me get this straight, so the human mane 6 will reduce declare Sunset guilty let the Crusaders off scott-free! No, I really don't think the crusaders should have been let off as easy as they did. That's a trust-breaker. Sure they should be forgiven eventually but that takes time and they need to earn that trust back. And I really don't like how the crusaders decided to shift the blame on Sunset! What message are they trying to give out here? If someone's not giving you enough attention, bully and guilt-trip them into doing so? That's a terrible message to hand out! So congrats, Writer-That-I-Shall-Not-Name, you actually managed to make something related to Equestria Girls that I dislike besides that creepy promotional art.


Terrifying! At least the art this comic was nice!


Grade: D-

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