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Rough draft for my OC Stargazer

Skinny Shadowy


I spent the last few hours typing this from scratch. It's a rough draft and I plan to go through a few edits before I'm done with him.


It's only taken my a year and a half to do this :lol:


Anyway it starts now


Stargazer – Male – 20 years old – Pegasus




Average build. Dark blue coat, dark brown mane with lighter brown highlights.




A telescope pointed at a single star that symbolizes his love of astronomy.




Withdrawn – Not that this means he doesn’t like to make new friends. He loves to meet new ponies. However, you’ll rarely catch him making the first move.


Humble – He doesn’t boast about the good things he’s done. While he does talk about his own accomplishments with pride, he’d sooner stay in the background than take the credit, especially when working in a team. He exaggerates this quality from time to time, and it blows the door open to let others take advantage of his caring nature.


Team player – He’ll try his best to pull his share in the team.


Thinker – He doesn’t talk often, but when he does, he talks a lot. This is because he tries not to say anything unless he feels it will add to the conversation or he might just be acting a little…


Silly – He loves to have fun and goof off. He might even get a little hyper from time to time. However his hyperactivity makes his type of humor like playing roulette. It can either go well or it can go badly. He wants to make you laugh, but he can be exhausting or offensive.


Oblivious – His social skills are subpar and he has an especially difficult time reading others. He may offend someone and be none the wiser.


Well-meaning – Even if he does hurt your feelings, he means well. There is never malicious intent


People-pleaser – However, everything he does is for the benefit of another. He is risk-averse and avoids conflict. His biggest fear is that he would become a burden to another.






Stargazer was born to two Pegasi in Cloudsdale.


His father was a skilled carpenter and mechanic. Often he would be hired for jobs that required great skill and paid well enough to keep the family going. He also loved to work on machines, and could make a broken machine run like new given the time and tools. However, he was abusive and violent, often berating Stargazer for things beyond his control. When Stargazer was 15 years old, his father left the family.


His mother is a fog artist. Her art is very temporary and must always be completed with quickness. Her fog sculptures were highly regarded by her friends and family. However, because she could not leave Stargazer’s father and pursue her own dreams of having her works photographed and featured in a gallery, she never amounted to anything more than a star among the people who knew her. After Stargazer’s father left the family, she became depressed and withdrawn, seldom showing her face.


Stargazer did everything in his power to help create some kind of peace...some kind of order…but all was in vain.


Mere months after Stargazer was born, his father lost his job after he was caught with contraband. The family relocated to Trottingham. His father was always on the run from the law, and the family always got dragged wherever he went to stay under the radar. He has lived in Cloudsdale, Trottingham, Appleoosa, Detrot, Tramplevania, Fillydelphia, and even Marelin, Germaneigh. Due to the constant moving around, Stargazer hardly made friends in school. When he was 14, the family moved back to Trottingham, where he stayed after his father left.


In all this time, Stargazer had never earned his cutie mark for he was never given the chance to come into his own. He knew that when he was a colt, he enjoyed looking at the night sky. It helped him to get lost in his thoughts and to escape from reality. Maybe explore some distant planet. He wished upon every star every night that things would get better. He called to the stars…none of them answered. He wasn’t sure what was happening. If they heard him and were waiting for the right time or if they even existed at all.


Three weeks before his 18th birthday, Stargazer determined he had a choice: Stay with his mother and continue being dragged down by her depression or get away from it all and give the world a chance. He chose the latter. It was the first time he had ever made a choice for himself.


Stargazer hit rock bottom shortly before he turned 19. Having been on his own for a year, he had no job, no life, nothing. He felt empty and unfulfilled. But most of all, he didn’t feel anything…he just felt. Being young and reckless, he set off toward Ponyville, knowing the Everfree Forest wasn’t far from there. He had no way to get there except to hoof it so he set off walking. He had no money so the only food he had was the grasses that grew on the side of the road. It wasn’t the greatest food, but it was food and that’s what mattered. What was he going to do in the forest? He wasn’t sure. What would happen to him? He didn’t care anymore. He knew one of two possibilities would occur: he would either come out knowing something about himself or he wouldn’t come out at all. And at this point, he was fine with either.


After walking for 12 days, he finally arrived in Ponyville. He didn’t stop to say hi to anypony. He went straight for the forest. As he was about to enter, he was stopped by a yellow Pegasus with pink mane. She flew over from a small cottage in a tree not far from the entrance. She was obviously very uncomfortable talking to someone she’d never met, but she explained that it was the Everfree Forest; it’s dangerous to go alone. “Normally I don’t talk to other ponies I don’t know,” she explained, “but I thought you were going to go in there willingly and didn’t know of the danger. I couldn’t sit idly by and let such a terrible thing happen.”


“I know what the Everfree Forest is. And I’m going in there of my own volition. Please…don’t worry about me.”


“Oh…okay. Please be careful…we’ve had problems with a cockatrice in there…Just a few weeks ago a dear friend of mine was turned to stone…”


“It’s fine. I’ll be fine.”


Alone he went into the forest. All was peaceful. He just kept walking. He’d already walked all the way here so what difference did it make to walk a couple hours? He walked until he came upon a sight to behold: Celestia and Luna’s castle. He’d read about it, but never had he seen it himself. It was a magnificent ruin and he loved it for he loved to dabble a bit in history from time to time. He determined to explore the castle.


Exploring the castle, he lost track of time. How long had it been? A couple minutes? A couple hours? A couple days? He wasn’t sure.


He found himself walking up a spiral staircase that seemed to go on forever. He passed by an opening that led to a walkway and kept walking up. As he continued, however, the staircase came to a sudden halt. What lay above the staircase was a starry cosmic ceiling. The rest of the tower long since fallen. He turned around and descended to the opening in the tower. Crossing the walkway to another tower, he climbed to the top of this one. This tower too had a staircase that ended with the night sky as its ceiling; however, it was still standing firm. Looking around, there was a table on the far side with nothing but a telescope upon it. It was the only thing atop this tower. He knew what a telescope was, but had never seen one himself. It was magnificent.


He held the eyepiece up and couldn’t see anything out of it. How long had that telescope been here? He had no clue, but it must have been there for hundreds of years. But he was too sleepy to care. Stargazer put the telescope back on the table and fell asleep. Considering he was lying on the cold hard stone floor of that tower top, he was more comfortable than he had ever been. His eyes became heavy as he counted the stars in the sky and drifted asleep.


Stargazer was lying in a field, all alone. The night was clear and a light breeze brushed over the grassy meadow. A voice from behind him said, “Thou looketh not, and thou seeth not.” Stargazer turned round and saw an elderly bearded pony donning a starry cape and a starry pointed hat decorated with bells. “It’s Starswirl the Bearded!” he thought. “But how could this be? It’s a time long after his!” Then the voice of Princess Luna echoed, “I used to study the stars with Starswirl. The night is a beautiful thing and many ponies take it for granted. It is one of many reasons I felt so alienated in the past.” There was a pause as she turned her head and looked at the sky for a moment then back to him. “You have been through much, young colt. Do not lose hope, for your hope is what drives you and your hope will be what sets you free.”


He awoke. It was still night. Or was it the next night? Had he slept through the entire day and not known of it? Stargazer returned to the telescope on the table. This time, there was a cloth next to it. Odd…that hadn’t been there last night...No matter. He took the rag and polished the lenses and the metal of that telescope to a high mirror shine. He then plucked one of his own feathers and used it to clean out the crevices where the lenses met the metal and other fine cleaning the telescope required. If it was beautiful before, it was impeccable now. Stargazer held the eyepiece up.


He could see everything! Planets, moons, stars, galaxies…nothing was hidden from him!


“Astronomy is an art long lost in the world of Equestria.” Princess Luna descended to the tower. “It is only studied by very few. Those who pursue usually don’t get very far. Yet none so far have ventured to this castle. To look this deep in it and find the artifact that taught me to raise and lower the moon with such care and precision. I need it no longer as I can perform this task asleep. I bestow it upon you, Stargazer. You’ll never need it for what I needed it for, but I know it will be useful for you.” She hugged him and told him not to hurt anymore. And Stargazer fell asleep.


He awoke the next afternoon at that yellow and pink Pegasus’ house. What was her name? He never took the chance to get it…


“I’m Fluttershy, by the way. I tried my best not to worry about you, but when I found you in front of my door this morning I had no choice but to help you.”


A tear welled up, but he fought it. “And I’m Stargazer. Thank you so much, Fluttershy, but I have no way to pay you for your kindness and hospitalit—“


“You don’t need to do that. I’m happy to help. By the way, I’ve never seen a cutie mark like that before. What’s it mean?”


“Cutie mark?” Stargazer turned round and saw it for the first time…It was a telescope and a single star. “I think it means I know what I have to do.”


Stargazer’s cutie mark is a sign of his passion for the art and science of Astronomy. His dream is to be a pioneer in the field, and to expand what little knowledge there is about outer space in Equestria. His ultimate goal is to build an observatory and a museum dedicated to the stars and displaying the works of Princess Luna and Starswirl. Finding those works will mean going back to the forest and searching the castle for any remnants of their work, but he determined it was a risk associated with the passion, and if he were to lose his life, at least he would lose it doing what he loves.


Today, Stargazer lives in Cloudsdale again. He deemed it the best place to use his telescope because Cloudsdale is least affected by cloudy or stormy weather. He spends his days searching the castle and his nights studying the night sky.




Keep in mind, now, that this is only a rough draft and I'm debating whether I should use canon characters in my backstory. I'm thinking if I do, I'm going to have to find ways to keep them from diverging from actual canon and forming their dialogues to be as canon as possible (except Starswirl as he doesn't have an actual appearance in FiM).


Anyway, tell me what you think! :D I'd love to hear ways I can improve him!!


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