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I Finally Did It

Countess Noodle



For those who know me and read my status once in a while, you know that my mother is constantly shoving her religion down my face. Now what I have not let on in my status is that we have been having bible studies on the sabbath for weeks and today I just couldn't take it anymore. After arguing for more than 2 hours about Christianity, science, other Gods and faith, she finally told me to find a God that can answer my prayers.




That was all I could think as I basically told her without actually saying the words "I'm an atheist" that all religions are bs to me and she tells me to find one anyway. Then as I was about to tell her that I realized I could have some fun with this. We debated a bit more and the it ended with how almost all debates with christians end. "I'll pray for you" :toldya:



So I'm now off to find a religion to be apart of. If you know me though, you already know what I'm choosing.




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