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Ok...This Could work

Phoenix Flam



Ok This could work. I have been a member of GiffGaff the mobile network Provider for a while now. There policy states that if you have Unlimited data in your package you cant tether a device to your phone.


However when you join they send you one Sim card and then after a week they send two more. In the policy it states if you have a Limited data plan you can have tethered devices so i recently decided after putting up the other blog I will take the cost and do it any way. £12 gets me 3GB of data and I intend to use every KB on being here as often as I can.


and once I get my other phone working I will have constant internet as well as the use of my phone. at the moment I have internet or phone so I have to be careful...Oh Luna I have missed this. The rattle of the keys as type away and the sound of the space key dropping on the right as i hit it...it is like the sound of a type writer...there is no sound like it.

:grin2: Well I have to go... it feels like i have only just got here, but I have been a little busy making a pice of digital art that was sort of spur of the moment thing. Right time Right song.


Play this song through your headphones because this is what I am like When I have been knocked down I rise from the ashes :

:twi: Well I have to go now. Have fun every pony and hopefully I will be back soon. *Hugs, Bro hoof, Teleport's away*


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