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Ya know...

ignore pls


It isn't that I'm ungrateful for everything that I have earned. All those journeys taken, all those lessons learned. But, I can't help but wonder where I'm going now, and what my role is meant to be. I don't know how to travel to a future that I can see.


I finished the associate's degree, I'm taking on the bachelor's now, I'm a network engineering student, this is true. Yet, it's still unclear to me as to what I'm supposed to do. I want to have a purpose, do all I humanly can.


I just want to make a contribution and be a part of the plan.

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Your destiny's full of muffins

And that's sometimes hard to bake

But it will become much tastier

With every new bite you take

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I'm a civil engineering student myself..... I got my associates im science, working on applied science so I can get to my bachelor program.....


You make your purpose bro. Every step you take writes your own destiny, so just go with the flow, enjoy life, and do the best you can.

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I must have changed my mind a million times but I think I finally made it up, I have long said I want to be a writer and I still do but that is hard to do and I need something to fall back on that won't damage my bad knee anymore than my current job already has. I am studying to become a history teacher, I have always had a passion for the subject and want to make a difference in others lives. So few people actually know what their rights are or where they came from and I want to do what I can to try to educate the next generation about this.

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Now that your time has coming soon,

as the money rises, so as the stress,

And everypony will loving you(Hopefully)

Your an student, you play your part




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