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Civil War II: Best Ponies



I know what a second Civil War would be over if there was one. It will not be over political parties. It will not be over religion. It will not even be over gay marriage. No, it will be over who is best pony. Because, that's what will easily start a flame war in this fandom.


Now, I believe that people have a right to choose who their favorite pony is for whatever reason they feel it's best. If they think Rainbow Dash is best pony because they find her hot, whatever, that's their views. What I don't like, is people starting flame wars, just on who is best pony.


First off, best pony is a subjective point of view. There is no objectively better pony than the others. It's just whoever the viewer in question seems to prefer. People's reasons for liking said pony, are entirely subjective. It could be due to readability, looks, what they did an episode, or even something they said.


It seems like whenever someone asks a group of people who is best pony, people seem to start arguing over it, which leads to flat out insulting people. Heck, it feels like whenever we have some best pony tournament on this forum, we do get a result, but only after serious fighting and insulting.


I compare this to a civil war because it feels some fans of each pony hate fans of other ponies like this is some weird territorial war or something.


If there's one thing I wish would happen, is people just accepting which pony they like the best, instead of mindlessly attacking others for it.

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I'll be the first to admit that I use words like 'good', 'bad', 'best', 'worst' and I know I shouldn't when dealing with art of any form. It's just easier than saying the whole disclaimer about how everything I say is relative to my experience and I understand that Celestia is not necessarily the best pony.


With that out of the way... I just think that people like echo chambers where others just agree that their favorite pony is indeed the best pony. Nothing causes more cognitive dissonance than their worldview (in any level) being challenged. Specially when such challenge is backed by evidence (or persuasive argumentation, in this case).

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Did something happen again?


Well, for whatever happened, stuff like this is why always avoid these "Best Pony" tournaments

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I don't mind, so long as people are talking about why they like a specific pony more, instead of talking about why they hate a pony. 

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I don't mind, so long as people are talking about why they like a specific pony more, instead of talking about why they hate a pony. 

That's another thing I forgot to bring up. Usually in the heat of these debates, one person usually rants about how much they hate the pony, usually then making the fan feel bad even more.

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