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Baba Vanga's predictions



Good day Ponies! today i saw a video i wanted to share with you, dont worry i wont steal the work of this youtuber but since its on spanish ill explain here on english.

there was a prophet named Nostradamus that is very popular since he has predicted a lot of historical events through time and with metaphorical views. There was also another prophet in Bulgaria, she died in 1996 and her prediccions has been proven, her name was Baba Vanga her predictions were so accurate that even the atheist URSS heard her and respect her.

When she was young she predict the start and the end of the World War II, then the lost of a russian nuclear submarine and the horrible events of 9/11. She announced the world war III is gonna start at 2010 and end in 2014 but for each failed prediccion there was a lot that come true. The important thing is not the predictions that happened during the life of Baba Vanga, but the 21th century predictions and even if they are not 100% accurate, there was very near to be exact. Now im gonna show her most important predictions:

2018 - China becomes the biggest mundial potency

2025 - Europe is gonna have problems of super population

2028 - 2033 - the worlds famine is gonna become the most important problem along with water lever due the overheat of the earth (we must remark that in that time Baba Vanga lived the theory of the overheat wast an approved theory )

2043 - World's economy is gonna rise very high, in Europe the muslims are the biggest population

2046 - It happen a great advance in medicine, there are organs that can be produced in mass so the organ transplants are thing of the past

2076 - Baba Vanga explains that the world is gonna be ruled by a ideology similar to comunism

2088 - there's gonna be a diseace described as getting old very fast that is gonna be treatable 12 years later

2111 - People became robots, maybe Baba Vanga refers to something we know as "transhumanization"

2167 - there's gonna be a new religion is gonna trascend

2221 - Baba Vanga says that in the research of alien life forms they are gonna find something she describes as something terrible

2273 - Original races are gonna disappear, due so many mixtues of human races the white, black and asian races are gonna be replaced by new decends of all in one

2288 - Baba Vanga assures that time travel is gonna be posible and for that we are gonna be in contact with aliens

2302 - the most important secrets of the universe are revealed

2371 - the biggest famine age is gonna start

3797 - the planet Earth is gonna die but humans are gonna set up in a new

3805 - there's gonna be a war so big that gonna make humans, men and women live like beasts

After the war, human kind finally finds reach true peace and progress

Some of us feel relieved that we are not gonna live in those times but at the same time we feel bad for not be witness of the great progress in the human kind. this is very amazing and it was of a video i wanted to share since its awesome, link of the video where i saw the dates (is on spanish but i translate the dates on english, i put the video so i dont look like i steal the job of the Youtuber)


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