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Living Tombstone and ShadyVox dishonor their and my charity commitment



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So what Horse News had reported on the thing was actually real. Wow, what a bunch of arrogant asshats of not putting up their end of the deal for your sake and the money you gave to the charity for it. This blog and it's contents needs to be known more.

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I heard about that from Horse News some time back. Thats some bullshit right there. I know it would be weird to ask for your money back since it went to charity, but I hope you at least get what you payed for.

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Isn't ShadyVox the voice of Button Mash?


Yep, and the voice for Jaden Yugi in the Yugioh Abridged Series.

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...This blog and it's contents needs to be known more.

For now, spreading the message is the only thing that can slightly lessen the pain of this soulcrushing disappointment. Actually, since after the escalation I'm shockingly void of emotion, most likely a protection reaction by my psyche, since I have been screwed over by people who refuse to fulfill their part of the deal before.

I feel like my inner Pinkie was put in a coma.


I hope that you do get your song in the end after all this.

Not from those two jerks anyway. They ruined it. And I don't think others are willing to openly oppose someone 'with a name'. And even if, ... the pain. It would have to be healed first.

I did notify Galacon though and am awaiting feedback from them.


I know it would be weird to ask for your money back since it went to charity, but I hope you at least get what you payed for.

Yeah, of course I'm not doing that. The money served a good purpose. (Well, if anything, those two should compensate for the donation. Because I can't really afford to make expenses like that just for anything. It's still a song-for-money deal that they made impossible. If they cannot fulfill their side of the deal, then it's basically called off.) The betrayal connected with it needs to be dealt with in an appropriate way, otherwise stuff like this will happen again. As Thomas Jefferson(?) once said: "Nothing is settled that isn't settled justly.". And I cannot take this burden of yet another ripoff. I want to like the community, I want to go to Galacon this year, but as you can probably understand, right now there's only emptiness and uncertainty for me. ... This song was the one thing I could look forward to, that at least kept the utter despair away, and now that has turned into its opposite.

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INFO: Little update of my blog article. Nothing crucial, just appended some commenting on even more bullshit that followed.

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