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碇 シンジン


I have been member here half a year now and lot of things have happened. I have accomplished some good things that make me happy and I have learned many things from this community. I have seen different people and I've been able to connect with them. I've also made mistakes and I've learned from them or at least I think I've learned from them.


Before I joined here I was shy reserved boy who had no idea who he was. I hid my feelings inside of me and they were my secrets. When I joined here I saw the light that shined here from this community and I was able to connect like never before. It was new for me to write messages and realize that you all are actually real persons. Often times before I made multiple accounts on sites and chatted with myself pretending I had friends because I had none.


Here I knew that this place holds something special something beyond normal forums. No matter what other forums I browse I cannot get the same feeling that I get from browsing here. I just often get depressed from other forums there are rarely any smiles and most of the posts are intented to be some kind of jokes. but Here people are like a big family.


I'm not the same pony anymore who I was when I joined here these days I care about people I interact with and seeing people happy makes me happy too. Seeing drama and sad people makes me worry too. I was holding myself back so much and I see it now I was only a shadow, a shadow of a shining sun of happiness that I could be.



I can say that I'm a better person today than I was 6 months ago.


A big weight has been lifted off from my chest You all are the best friends I could ever hope for



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I'm really happy you posted this. It lifts my spirits and makes me glad. Honestly, I was beginning to think that a large part of MLP forums was just one big pity-party, people just looking to feel sorry for them but you definitely changed my mind about that. I'm glad this place has been good for you and I'm glad you've grown from it. *Hugs*. What you posted is awesome. :D

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Jim Carrey's voice: "B-e-a-utiful!"


Nobody is the same after they joined this site. But I have only been here for about a month, so what do I got to say?

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Oh my god, i like everyone here as a best friend too, i know how you feel, this place is so special, thanks for everything guys :D *hugs*

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It was nice reading that. x3 I might be new, but you can always consider me a friend! :3

Sure I'll learn similar things myself longer I stick around.

Its a very fun forum and everyone's nice. :)

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It makes me feel so happy to read something like this! I'm so glad you feel that way and I hope we all stay the best of friends here and be always supportive in need for many a time to come! Stay awesome ooBrony. ^_^

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No, you are not the same person you were 6 month ago, I've seen you being one of the most active members on the Forum ever since I joined, and I think I stand with a lot, and I mean a LOT of people when I say you were the very first to Welcome us into this Community. I know I haven't been very active lately -on which I'm working very hard to change- and you give me hope and a spark of light that hopefully in the very near future I won't be holding back and be a more open and socially active person like you :) .
What I'm trying to say is that I'm/we are glad you are here for/with us. :D *huggs*

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I'm glad that you are okay......maybe some people could can be helped,some cannot and it is too late for them to do anything about it....I'm one of those people.......so again glad that you happy now 

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*Hugs* Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm very new to the forum but I can see why it's so popular- there are many great people in this community and it's nice to see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :) 

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Your like the most beloved pony on the forums, so what nonsense are you spouting of not having friends? :P You have as many friends as a pinkie pie at a party convention.

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I'm really happy that being apart of this community has led you to grow personally. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :) 

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