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My Internet History 3 - The Great Tokio Hotel Disaster

Reason for Cancellation



Well here we go again, after a really long break, to tell even more about all the bad things that i did without knowing. :blush:


Well, at my last post we were at that point, were my sister joined the forum.

I told here that the forum was fun and so she registered herself.


At some point, a few Admins saw that she had the same IP adress than me, but i told them that it was becasue she was my sister and we used the same internetconnection.


After that some Mods must have been mistaken my already muted account as my sisters account and so i had both my accounts back.

As far as i remember i had only another account because i lost my password and didnt know that i could reset my password.


At the beginning everything was fine, until many users made fun of my sister for liking Tokio Hotel. It was going even so bad, that even the people in the chats didnt stop talking about how shit the group was :okiedokielokie:


So i became angry...well, today i know that it wasnt probably that bad, because their were only showing their opinion and that was okay.

But back then i just thought there were doing this on purpose to get me and my sister mad, because some of the admins and most users already hated me, for my posting to old treads.


I got a lot of harsh talks with the people in the chats, bashing their interests as a revenge. I got so worse, that i insulted someone as a B****.

Well, i insulted the most loved person in the chatroom and lost all my friends the immediately.


They banned me in the chats forever.


After that i started to use both my accounts to talk to different people, only to write in some of the talktreads how stupid the admins was for not noticing that i had multiple accounts.

Well i got banned. Both of my accounts got banned. Of course their got, because i was an total as***** :rarity:


Then i created a new account called Nanotek if i remember correct...

I was going to start an argument again, but i stopped. Because i finally realized what i did. The only thing i did was, going to the person i insulted and said that i was sorry and that i would be a total douchebag.


And you know what? That person forgave me! :fluttershy:


Then i stopped using Forumla. Because it was the best.

Then i was just looking for an more smaller site, with people with the same interests than me.

And i looked on the site Foren City and really found one!


But thats for another Blog entry. :ooh:

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