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Silly Shy






*in fluttershy's almost similar but not complete voice* i ship fluttershy and discord so much u have no idea, i don't care if discord is old! he is still alive and if he can outlive a pony then it should't matter who he dates because every pony else has a short lifespan so for discord to find romance with some-pony at his age would be impossible so it'll be okay for him to date someone who is also considered a adult pony in their 20's right? right? i hope so! o my god i'm shipping them so much they are my babies! like i never felt this happiness for a charecter ever normally i would feel nothing or unsatisfaction but with these two i just feel like they are perfect they complete me and ufgh!!!

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I agree with this statement. It's my OTP! I hope there are more cute moments with them in Season 5. ^.^

yay we got a shipper over here!! let the fluttercord OTP unite!

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