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To My New Friends

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So recently, I've realized I haven't talked to anyone and I was starting to feel lonely. Heck, if you look back at my Bronyversery blog, you would see signs of my loneliness. This is because I'm not very good at social activity in real life. I have friends sure but I don't see them that often and they've got other friends. So when that happens, I get the feeling of loneliness. So what do I do in a time of loneliness you may ask?


I take to the forums.


I've recently been trying to befriend new people who I've seen post but never really got to know. I may have seen them in a group PM but never really got to know them too much. So, I'm here to honor some of these friends.




I've seen your posts. I've seen you brohoof a crap ton of my posts. You always struck me as a nice person who's impossible to hate. Oh, and you are very friendly to talk to. Your smiles in PMs brighten my day so much. *hugs*



Now, I've known you on here for a while. I've even chatted with you on Skype. But those were rather short moments. Recently, I decided to chat you up through PMs. And it's proving to be a blast. You rock in conversation and you're practically a female version of me (mostly due to the Pinkie love). I kind of started messaging you to comfort you cause lets face it, you're family life is terrible. After that, you proved to be a great friend who I shall remember. Cheers to the wife of Cheese Sandwich! :wub:



You always struck me as me, but a fan of Rainbow Dash instead of Pinkie. I see your statuses and posts in the Count to a Million thread, and I've always wanted to talk to you. I just didn't feel the need to go for more friends until recently. You've proven to be a chill guy who always knows what to talk about. I hope Rising one day gets with Dashie. ;)


I don't message you as much, but when I do, it's pretty cool. You've have a good taste in music, and your statuses are a rather fun conversation to have in the comments. I hope you one day find that special somepony.



I always respected you and your Pinkie love. And the fact that you really love hugging in my statuses. You're like a male Pinkie Pie. You are very friendly, never gets pissed off, and you're comfortable to talk to. Not to mention you called me the shipping Pokemon once and that's was amazing. So you're a rather cool guy *huggles*




I messaged you before I was feeling lonely. And that's actually a big treat since I don't tend to just PM anyone willy nilly. I really respect your love of the mane six. You don't just love one, you love all of them. You're pretty active in all of their fan clubs, and you often give me a brohoof storm in the Pinkie Pie fan club. So yea, you're cool. :)



I recently added you on Skype, I've liked your posts before, but never really talked to you. When I did add you, we hit up a conversation for hours. It was brilliant how much we agreed on stuff. I hope we can talk more. :)


I respect all of you new friends and I hope we can talk more. *smoke bomb*

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*Huggles* Thanks for the huge complement! It always makes my day to hear/see somepony compare me to Pinkie Pie... And I'm glad to have had the chances to talk with you and be friends. You're a great guy ChikoritaBrony, and a great friend and fellow Pinkie Pie fan. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. :)

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