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Lets face it, betrayal hurts, even when you get to know a person for a long time and you give them your trust and then one day they deceive you, figuring out one day this "friendship" they built with you was just a cover up to benefit their own agenda in a destructive way.


People can be ruthless sure, and there are many people that will lie and make an attempt to crush you just to get what they want. Just know that you always have to be ten steps ahead. We have all been betrayed at least once in our lives and its not a good feeling. Do the culprits Reconcile with the ones that have been offended ? that is on their own accord.



I could go on and continue to be poetic about this topic, but I will leave you with this one very important moral: Looks can be Deceiving

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Friendships have never been a guarantee.


Just as life itself it's about trail and error. Why to find that betrayal from a "friend" is heart breaking the one who truly losses the most- is their own.


The traitor is ultimately the one who is defeated by the betrayal.


And.don't worry, you'll still have friends who will.always love you.


You'll always be loved.

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I know the feeling.. how a friendly smile can hide a dagger behind it. How something that should be so simple as good companionship can be a mask for ulterior motives. Some people have just lost all concept of selflessness. =/


I guess there's never any infallible guarantee that a friendship is completely genuine, the human mind is just by nature unpredictable like that.


Nonetheless, I never lose faith and never let things like this steer me into thinking this is the way with everyone and that nobody is to be trusted.. I just can't condone that way of thinking. Otherwise the whole thing is just an endless cycle of distrust. I just can't accept that... Even if it kicks me into the dust. There will always be a place for true friendship in this world as far as I'm concerned. I don't care how many disagree.


People who love you, love your friendship, without any care for where it gets them do exist. It's the people who want your friendship just for what it is that are the one's you can trust.

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