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Chikorita Reviews: Steven Universe

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I have been busy. Busy watching this awesome show. And I kind of have a history with this show.


This show came out only around a year and half ago, and I saw it when it came out. I thought the show was OK but nothing special nor anything I'd watch regularly. That was until just recently. This show recently got more popular than it previously was. I saw people blogging about it, I saw EQD talk about it, I saw people on the forums changing their avatars to it. I was like, "When did this show get big?" So I decided to watch more episodes.


It took a few episodes for me to get invested. The show started pretty meh for me. I didn't really pick up until around 15-20 episodes in. That's where everything got interesting. The jokes got better, the characters developed, the plots got more interesting. At that point, it was my duty to get caught up with this show over Spring Break and I did faster than I expected. Now that that's out of the way, lets discuss why this show is awesome.


The animation in this show can range from average to freaking beautiful. The musical score in this show is outstanding. It's like MLP where the characters will occasionally sing and when they do, some of the songs even end up rivaling songs from MLP.


The humor can once again range from funny to laugh out loud hilarious. When a good joke comes in, I'm laughing hard.


The characters are quite likable. Steven himself is a well written child character. As in he's written just like a kid. He's sometimes annoying, sometimes stupid but in the end has a big heart. The Crystal Gems are also quite likable, my favorite being Amethyst. She's like a mixture of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. I could go over the other great side characters, but we would be here a while.


I think what really got people talking about this show was that awesome season finale. I won't spoile anything, but trust me it's awesome. Oh, and the theme song for this show is awesome.


So yeah, this is now my third favorite cartoon currently airing behind MLP and Gravity Falls. So yeah, here are my thoughts on it.

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Haha, it's always those three shows. Seems like they're the triforce of US animation right now. Gotta agree with you on the first couple episodes being pretty average. To think I would've missed this great show if it weren't for all the hullabaloo surrounding it...

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