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Entry Zero

Pepper Mint



Hey howdy hey.


I want to start out by saying that I am a person who is all over the place. I don't do things in proper order, I don't think things through all the way, and I change my mind a lot. I behaved this way on my old blog, and so it shouldn't be a big surprise if you were to see me behaving as such on this blog. It's just who I am.


My mission here is to better myself in drawing, writing, and a bunch of other crazy stuff I had used to do. I envision this place, this blog, for now, being a place to share said projects, rant, and just, open up, ya know?


I might go on a hiatus from time to time- that's also in my nature (thank you, school!).


In other news, look at this cute Screw Loose I slopped together in 5ish minutes:


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