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Juggerpony Blog Introduction!




Hello, everypony! As a new member of the Blogging community, I must say that I am extremely nervous. I mean, who wouldnt when explaining your opinions to a bunch of ponies who will either agree with you, or bash you across the head because of it? In all seriousness, I want to someday join the Youtube Brony community, and as I said before, this is my first step to becoming a full on analyst.


I hope to update my blog regularly, maybe daily (Dont count on it, though). What this blog basically is is me talking about the different episodes of MLP, as well as fan animations, fan fictions, characters, etc. If you want to recommend a work to me, be my guest! I can even be something you created. However, i refuse to do "Dusks Dawn". I have watched it 3 times, and I still dont understand what was going on. But hey, if I get enough requests for it..... I dont know. You guys are the bosses, I am simply the Blogger.


I believe that is a wrap for this introduction. My first true Blog post is actually NOT going to be on an episode. I am going to be defending a villain in MLP who has recieved a lot of hate, and hopefully help convince the fandom he was a great villain. Guys, stay tuned as I cover.......


King Sombra.


That blog can be found here: http://mlpforums.com/blog/2415/entry-15881-defending-king-sombra/


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