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Tech Reel's Family

Tech Reel


Hello everybody! :muffins:

I'm here because I just spent a butt load of time making a family for my ponysona, and I'd like to show off..er..I mean show YOU..them....yep :lol:


So here is Tech Reel's family




Dad: Cam Climax


His cutie mark is a unicycle with a film reel for a wheel. This symbolizes Cam's talent for filmmaking, as well as the precision and uniqueness he applies to his creations.

http://i1021.photobucket.com/albums/af334/ReelyRandom/Cam%20Cutie%20Mark_zpsvbq4ziu8.png (Yes I know it's drawn horribly XD)


Mom: Cliffnote


Her cutie mark is a torn book page with punctuation going over the edge(Made to resemble a cliff). This symbolizes Cliffnote's talent for script and story writing, also showcasing her love of suspense and cliffhangers.



Brother: Beta


No cutie mark yet..but he has an Irish accent....so there's that(I still need to work on Beta's interests).


Sister: Copywrite


Her cutie mark is a pencil in the shape of a musical note, symbolizing her love of writing songs and other things(stories, poems, etc.)





And that's it! All the brand new members of Tech's family :)

I'd like a little feedback, so let me know what you think of them ;)

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