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RANT: Nintendo and their Incompetence.

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So, yesterday was the day download codes were sent via email to get the free Mewtwo DLC on Smash Brothers. I did all the registration stuff and guess what, it didn't send me the code. I can't see that I did anything wrong but the download code was never sent to me.


I don't get it. I just don't get it. Why is DLC even a thing? All it does is allow game companies to milk more money from people. If you want to add stuff to your game, either release it with the game or add it in a system update. Don't just wave something popular in our faces and then go like, "Oh 5 bucks."


Yes I get it, they need money but your games already cost around 60 bucks and already sell decently. Not to mention you guys sell out of Amiibos and Gamecube controller adapters quickly and never restock. The excuse is, "Oh, they're in high demand." That should just be an indicator to make more.


Yeah, as you can tell, I'm not happy at Nintendo right now. I could talk about how broken their Creator Program on YouTube is, but that could get a rant on its own. Just know that it is more broken than YouTube's copyright system already is.


I don't hate Nintnedo. Their games can still be good. However, some of their business practices I kind of question.

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I can understand some things in DLC, like in Dragon Age : Origins. It's DLC was basically a whole new game, so they charged 10 bucks for it.


Or with Battlefield 2, it's expansion packs basically doubled the size of the game




But yeah, smaller DLCs, like characters, are very annoying T_T

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Nintendo has to find new ways to turn a profit. Their games are taking more development time for less sales than they used to. While I don't agree with it at all, I'm deciding to vote with my wallet and just not buy into the new generation. 

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the best use of DLC ive seen was with halo 3, the game had been out for a while then bungie announced a map pack, 3 new maps, at the time this was amazing every one was like "Hell yeah! new maps!" and the DLC was something you looked forward to, and it was the same with the other 2 DLC packs that came out for Halo 3, everyone looked forward to it and loved them


but now DLC is something to be loathed and expected, and pointless especially planned DLC and day one DLC, that just makes me roll my eyes


and as much as a stupid company Nintendo has been lately at least they didnt pull any DLC crap, but apparently now they are, i would expect more stuff like this, especially from that new console they are developing 

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Log on to your Club Nintendo account, the codes may be there as that's where I found mine despite being told I was going to be emailed them.
Tried that. Didn't work. I even checked to see if I registered both games and I did.
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It makes me so sad seeing people rant about nintendo like this.

Keep in my mind that I am a fan of the company. That doesn't mean I hold any personal vendetta against them. I just thing some things they do are kind of annoying and pointless.

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They wanted to put in Mewtwo after the game was released.

So they did. No sin found here.

I get the intention here. I did all the registration things. I just wonder why the download code didn't actually come for me.

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If you haven't gotten an e-mail but registered both versions, your best bet is to call customer service.


Personally if there's anything I complain about the most about Ninty, it's how they've handled the VC and their poor account system


It makes me so sad seeing people rant about nintendo like this.

I do the same with Capcom. We only rant about them because we love them and don't want to see them do stupid stuff.

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Personally if there's anything I complain about the most about Ninty, it's how they've handled the VC and their poor account system
 Oh yeah, the virtual console. I already will contact Nintendo about the DLC but the VC thing yeah, my question is why put DS games there? You can already get DS games used at Gamestop and their backwards compatible on 3DS so why not Gamecube? I understand N64 but why not Gamecube?
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Yeah, Nintendo definitely makes a ton of dumb decisions. In that regard, it's hardly a surprise that the Wii U has sold so poorly. 


I'll always love them during their NES, SNES, and N64 period, but ever since then, they've just gotten worse (though the Gamecube was still a pretty good console, the Wii absolutely sucked). 

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I did the registration and I got Mewtwo. I'm not sure why you didn't get it. But yeah DLC shouldn't be so annoying and games should just be complete. But I don't think Nintendo does DLC as bad as other companies do.


I hope Nintendo fixes their mistakes they made eventually.

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